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The Dakota 2500 alarm products are the newest in their long line of driveway sensors and alarms. Each 2500 series sensor/transmitter has a wireless transmission range of 2500 feet line of sight. This generally translates into a wireless range of about 1500 feet in "real world" (trees, buildings etc. as obstructions) applications. These are very reliable wireless driveway alarms and with the unlimited number of units which can be used in one system the Dakota Driveway Alarms are sure to fit almost any application.

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Dakota Alert DCMA-2500 Driveway Alarm Dakota Alert DCHT-2500 Driveway Sensor Dakota Alert DCRH-2500 Driveway Alarm
Price: 175.00
Price: 138.00
Price: 203.00
Dakota Alert DCMA-2500 Dakota DCHT-2500 Rubber Hose Dakota Alert DCRH-2500
Infra-Red Motion Sensor Driveway Alarm Rubber Air Hose Driveway Sensor Rubber Air Hose Driveway Alarm
BBA-2500 Dakota Alert Break Beam Driveway Alarm Dakota Alert BBT-2500 Break Beam Sensor Dakota Alert DCMAUT2500 - Driveway Alarm and Doorbell Kit
Price: 384.00
Price: 314.00
Price: 221.00
Dakota Alert BBA-2500 Break Beam Driveway Alarms Dakota Alert BBT-2500 Dakota Alert Wireless Driveway Alarm and Doorbell Kit
Dakota Alert 2500 Break Beam Break Beam Driveway Sensors Wireless Driveway and Doorbell System
Dakota Alert PR-2500 Driveway Pager Dakota Alert DCPA-2500 Driveway Alarm Dakota Alert DCMT-2500 Driveway Sensor
Price: 92.00
Price: 326.00
Price: 104.00
Dakota Alert PR-2500 Pager Dakota Alert DCPA-2500 Dakota Alert DCMT 2500
Pager Receiver Magnetic Probe Driveway Alarm System Infrared Motion Driveway Sensor
Dakota Alert DCPT-2500 Driveway Sensor Dakota Alert DCR-2500 Driveway Chime Dakota Alert DCPTRAN2500 Transmitter
Price: 256.00
Price: 92.00
Price: 135.00
Dakota Alert DCPT-2500 Dakota Alert DCR-2500 Dakota Alert 2500 Transmitter
Magnetic Probe Wireless Driveway Sensor Wireless Driveway Chime Receiver Magnetic Probe Transmitter
4PKCR123 Batteries Dakota Alert IR-2500 Indoor Sensor Dakota Alert UT2500 Wireless Transmitter
Price: 26.00
Price: 96.00
Price: 55.00
Dakota Alert Lithium Batteries Dakota Alert IR-2500 Dakota Alert UT-2500
4 Pack of CR123A 3V Batteries Indoor Wireless Motion Sensor Push Button Doorbell or Generic Wireless Transmitter
Special Bundled Driveway Alarm System! Dakota Alert DCRUT2500 - Wireless Doorbell System PRUT2500 - Dakota Alert 2500 Paging System
Price: 280.00
Price: 148.00
Price: 133.00
Dakota Alert DCMA Bundle Dakota Alert Wireless Doorbell Dakota Alert Doorbell and Pager Kit
Special Infrared Driveway Alarm Bundle Long Range Wireless Doorbell Dakota Alert Doorbell and Pager Kit
Pet Immune Driveway Alarm System AAXMT2500 - Pet Immune Wireless Driveway Sensor IRDCR-2500 Wireless Entrance Alarm System
Price: 489.00
Price: 407.00
Price: 174.00
Pet Immune Wireless Driveway Alarm Pet Immune Outdoor Motion Sensor Wireless Door Alarm System
Pet Immune Wireless Driveway Alarm Pet Immune Outdoor Motion Sensor Commercial Door Alarm
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