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Optex Wireless 2000 alarm and alert products use digital transmissions to make sure your wireless signals remain secure. Motion sensors, magnetic door/window sensors, driveway sensor kits and portable transmitters can be used for a meriad of home, farm and business applications.  With up to 2000 foot wireless range the Optex RCTD-20U system can work in most environments.
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Optex RCTD20U Wireless 2000 RCTD20U - Optex Wireless 2000

Optex Wireless 2000

Price: CAD $199.99
Sale Price: CAD $169.99
Savings: CAD $30.00
Optex TD20U Infrared Sensor TD20U - Optex Wireless Driveway Sensor

Optex TD20U Driveway Sensor

Price: CAD $94.99
Optex RC-20U RC-20U Optex Wireless Driveway Chime

Optex RC-20U Chime

Price: CAD $94.99
Optex TS10U Transmitter TS10U - Optex Push Button Transmitter

Optex TS-10U Transmitter

Price: CAD $54.99
Optex TC10U Transmitter TC10U - Optex Wireless Door Sensor

Optex TC10U Transmitter

Price: CAD $79.95
Optex Wireless Door Alarm RCTC10U - Optex Wireless Door Chime

Optex Door Switch System

Price: CAD $181.00
Optex Wireless Doorbell System RCTS10 - Optex Wireless Doorbell System

Optex Wireless Doorbell

Price: CAD $156.00
Driveway Alarm with Text Messages CARSPOT - Driveway Alarm with Text Messaging

Text Messaging Driveway Alarm

Price: CAD $466.00
Optex IVP-GU Gateway Unit for iVision Plus Optex IVP-GU Gateway Unit

Optex IVP-GU Gateway Unit for iVision Plus

Price: CAD $119.99
Optex TR-20U Wireless Repeater TR20U - Optex Wireless Repeater

Optex TR-20U Wireless Repeater

Price: CAD $169.99
Optex FX-40D Optex FX-40D

Optex FX-40D

Price: CAD $57.00
Optex Driveway Alarm Bundle RCTD20UB - Optex Wireless 2000 Bundle

Optex Driveway Alarm Bundle

Price: CAD $319.00

Optex Wireless 2000