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SU111   111 - Sure Action Single Zone Processor
DXADAPTER500MA   12VDC 500ma Adapter
SLADAPTER12VDC   12VDC Adapter for Seco Larm Voice Dialer
FS14C   14C - Floodstop for Appliances with 1/4" lines V4
DXADAPTER1700U   1700U Power Supply - 3-12VDC 1A Regulated
SU212   212 - Sure Action Directional Processor
SU313   313 - Sure Action Three Zone Processor
STI34100   34100 - STI Solar Powered Driveway Alarm
STI34101   34101 - STI Solar Powered Driveway Sensor
STI34104   34104 - STI Chime Receiver
STI34109   34109 - STI Wireless Repeater
STI34150   34150 - STI Battery Powered Driveway Alarm
STI34151   34151 - STI Battery Powered Driveway Sensor
STI34200   34200 - STI Wireless Door Alarm
STI34201   34201 - STI Wireless Door Switch
FS34H90   34H90 - Floodstop for Washing Machines - V4
FS34NPT   34NPT V4 - Floodstop for Water Heaters
FS38C   38C V4 - FloodStop for all 3/8" applications
FS38CD   38CD V4 - Floodstop for Appliances with Dual 3/8" Lines
FGDIMS4851   4-20mA Bridge for Sensaphone IMS Alarms
DKCR123   4PKCR123 Batteries
AAVXMT2500   AAXMT2500 - Pet Immune Wireless Driveway Sensor
WCACA100   ACA100 - WaterCop Adapter
FGD0064   Aube TH141 Dual Heat Cool Thermostat
DKBBA2500   BBA-2500 Dakota Alert Break Beam Driveway Alarm
DXBHUF   BHUF - Imitation Birdhouse for Driveway Alarms
DKBH1UF   Birdhouse for Transmitter Boxes
OPBX80N   BX80N - Optex Horizontal Perimeter Sensor
WNBZ1   BZ1 - Winland Remote Buzzer
OPCA1W   CA1W - Optex Mounting Bracket
CARSPOT   CARSPOT - Driveway Alarm with Text Messaging
WIRECAT5   CAT5E - Blue CAT5 Ethernet Cable
WIRECAT5EBURIAL-B   CAT5E -Direct Burial CAT5E Wire Box 150M 492 FT
DKSPOTGUARD   Cellular Driveway Alarm with Text Alerts
CHNDIS   Chamberlain NDIS Doorbell System
CHNLS2   Chamberlain NLS2 System
CHNTD2   Chamberlain NTD2 System
CHADAPTER12VDC   Chamberlain Power Adapter
CHNLS1   Chamberlain Single Wireless Intercom
CSADWIRF   Cookstop Automatic Stove Shut Direct Wire
CSA3WPIRF   Cookstop Automatic Stove Shut Off 3 Prong
CSA4WPIRF   Cookstop Automatic Stove Shut Off 4 Prong
RODCX1000A   CX1000A - Magnetic Door Switch and Push Button Transmitter
RO-CXRX1000A   CXRX1000A - Rodann Wireless Door Alert System
DA066   DA-066 - Mier Wireless Transmitter
DA051   DA051 - Mier Driveway Alarm Probe
DA052V   DA052V - Remote Whistle with Volume Control
DA068   DA068 - Mier Wireless Chime
DA070   DA070 - Mier Wireless Chime
DA071   DA071 - Mier Wireless Light Switch
DA072   DA072 - Wireless Lamp Module
DA073   DA073 - Mier Wireless Wall Outlet
DA078   DA078 - Mier Plug In Wireless Chime
DA500   DA500 - Mier Driveway Alarm System
DA500CP   DA500CP - Mier DA-500 Controller
DA505   DA505 - Mier Driveway Alarm Timer
DA606LK   DA606LK - Mier Light Kit
DA655   DA655 - Mier 24V Chime
DKBBT2500   Dakota Alert BBT-2500 Break Beam Sensor
DKDCHT2500   Dakota Alert DCHT-2500 Driveway Sensor
DKDCMA2500   Dakota Alert DCMA-2500 Driveway Alarm
DKDCMAUT2500   Dakota Alert DCMAUT2500 - Driveway Alarm and Doorbell Kit
DKDCMT2500   Dakota Alert DCMT-2500 Driveway Sensor
DKDCPA2500   Dakota Alert DCPA-2500 Driveway Alarm
DKDCPT2500   Dakota Alert DCPT-2500 Driveway Sensor
DKDCPTRAN   Dakota Alert DCPTRAN2500 Transmitter
DKDCR2500   Dakota Alert DCR-2500 Driveway Chime
DKDCRH2500   Dakota Alert DCRH-2500 Driveway Alarm
DKUTDCR2500   Dakota Alert DCRUT2500 - Wireless Doorbell System
DKIR2500   Dakota Alert IR-2500 Indoor Sensor
DKPR2500   Dakota Alert PR-2500 Wireless Driveway Pager
DKUT2500   Dakota Alert UT2500 Wireless Transmitter
FAD2MAS01KIT   Deluxe Freeze Alarm Combo Special!
DKP50   DKP50 - Dakota Alert Metal Sensing Probes
DKRH   DKRH - 25' of Rubber Air Hose
DKWhistle   DKWhistle - 12VDC Mini Whistle
AADOORALERT   Door Alert with Strobe Light
FGD0006   Door Switch
SLSM200QW   Door Switch - Relay Closed when Door Closed
OPIVPDHGTD   Driveway Alarm System with Camera
FGDIMS4850   Dry Contact Adapter
DKDVR01   DVR-01 Dakota Alert Self Contained Spy Camera
WNEA200   EA200 - Winland Two Zone Alarm Panel
WNEA400   EA400 - Winland Enviro Alert
WNEA800   EA800 - Winland Wireless Alarm System
WNEAWHS   EAWHS - Winland Wireless Humidity Sensor
WNEAWTS   EAWTS - Winland Wireless Temperature Sensor
STIED55   ED55 - STI Rex Plus II Watch Dog
EKM1KP   Elk - M1KP Keypad
EK100   ELK 100 High Performance Siren Driver Module
EK101   ELK 101 Two Channel Siren Driver
ELK106055   Elk 106055 Wiegand Reader
EK110   ELK 110 Voice Siren Driver Module
EK120   ELK 120 Four Channel Voice and Siren Driver
EK1280   Elk 1280 Battery
EK6010   ELK 6010 Key Fob
EK6011   ELK 6011 Wireless Panic Button
EK6020   Elk 6020 Slim Line Sensor
EK6021   Elk 6021 Mini Window Sensor
EK6022   Elk 6022 Universal 3-Zone Sensor
EK6023   ELK 6023 Wireless Recessed Door Sensor
EK6030   Elk 6030 Wireless Motion Sensor
EK6040   ELK 6040 Wireless Glass Break Sensor
EK6050   ELK 6050 Sound All Smoke Detector
EKM120   Elk M120 - 110dB Weatherproof Siren
EKM1DBH   ELK M1DBH Data Bus Hub
EKM1DBHR   ELK M1DBHR Data Bus Hub for Retrofit
EKM1EZ8CB   ELK M1EZ8CB Cross Platform Control Board Only
EKM1GCB   ELK M1G Control Board
EKM1KCWB   ELK M1KCWB Conduit Wall Box
EKM1KP2   ELK M1KP2 LCD Low Profile Keypad
EKM1KP3   ELK M1KP3 Keypad
EKM1KPAS   ELK M1KPAS LED Keypad Station
EKM1KPNAV   Elk M1KPNAV Touchscreen Keypad
EKM1PRF   Elk M1PRF 10 Pack of Key Fobs
EKM1RB   ELK M1RB Relay Board
EKM1XEP   ELK M1XEP Ethernet Interface
EKM1XIN   ELK M1XIN Input Expander
EKM1XOVR   ELK M1XOVR - 8 Voltage Outputs and 8 Relays
EKM1XRF2H   ELK M1XRF2H - Wireless Receiver for Honeywell Transmitters
EKM1XRFEG   ELK M1XRFEG - Wireless Receiver for GE Transmitters
EKM1XSLZW   Elk M1XSLZW Interface to Z-Wave
EKP212S   ELK P212S Supervised Power Supply
EKSS15   Elk SS15 - 115dB Weatherproof Siren
EKSS30   Elk SS30 - 120dB Weatherproof Siren
EKSWB14   ELK SWB14 Wiring Box
EKRJSET   ELK Telco Jack and Cord
EKTRG1640   ELK TRG1640 16.5 VAC Power Supply
EKWSV2   ELK WSV2 Shut Off Valve
EK124   ELK-124 V3 Recordable Voice Annunciator Module
EK129   ELK-129 Computer Sound Card Interface
EK73   ELK-73 Compact Echo Speaker
EK952   ELK-952 Telephone Line Surge Protector
EM-CS202-5100   EMX Wired Vehicle Detection Driveway Alarm
SLE921CPQ   Enforcer E-921CPQ Dialer
SLDP236MQ   Enforcer Wireless Intercom Monitor
SLDP236Q   Enforcer Wireless Video Intercom
SUENHP   ENHP - Sure Action Pulsor Sensor
SLENTRYALERT   ENTRYALERT - Seco Larm Photo Beam Door Alarm
WN12VDCT   Enviro Alert Power Supply
EVL-4   EyezOn Envisalink EVL4 Internet Module for Powerseries and Vista
FA700   FA700 - Basic Freeze Alarm
FAD2   FAD2 - Freeze Alarm Deluxe
FAICCA   FAI - Freeze Alarm Intermediate
FAMAS01   FAMAS-01 - Motion Sensor Mini-Alarm
FGD0070   FGD-0070 24V Power Supply for 4-20mA Sensor
FGD0240   FGD-0240 Extreme Hi/Low Temperature Sensor
FGD0250   FGD-0250 - Ethernet to WiFi Adapter
FGD0007   FGD0007 - Passive Infrared Motion Sensor
FGD0013   FGD0013 - Spot Water Detector
FGD0027   FGD0027 - Humidistat
FGD0052   FGD0052 - Humidity Transmitter
FGD0053   FGD0053 - 24 Volt Power Supply for Humidity Transmitter
FGD0056   FGD0056 - Water Rope Detection Sensor
FGD0057   FGD0057 - External Microphone for Sensaphones
FGD0063   FGD0063 - Additional Water Rope Detector
FGD0065   FGD0065 - Carbon Monoxide Detector
FGD0066   FGD0066 - Air Quality Sensor
FGD0090   FGD0090 - 4-20mA Moisture Sensor
FGD0100   FGD0100 - 2.8K Temperature Sensor
FGD0103   FGD0103 - Indoor Temperature Sensor
FGD0104   FGD0104 - Outdoor Air Temperature Sensor
FGD0105   FGD0105 - 10K Immersion Temperature Sensor
FGD1400CD   FGD1400 - Sensaphone 1400 Monitor and Alarm, 4 Zone, Telephone Dialer
FGD1800CD   FGD1800 - Sensaphone 1800
FGD2800   FGD2800 - Wireless Sensaphone 2800
FGD6700   FGD6700 - Sensaphone Express II
FGDINT   FGDINT - International Power Adapters
WCFH100   FH 100 - WaterCop Freeze Sensor
FGD0222   Float Switch
FSXS01   Floodstop Leak Sensor
FABATTHOLD6D   Freeze Alarm Battery Holder
FATS10FA   Freeze Alarm Sensor Probe
OPGSURFERIII   Globe Surfer III+ Cellular Gateway
WNHAIIIPLUS   HAIIIPLUS - Winland Humidity Sensor
FAHS500   HS-500 HomeSitter TEC Cellular Freeze Alarm
FAHS700   HS700 - Freeze Alarm Homesitter
FGDIMS4820   Humidity Sensor Alarm
FGDIMS4831   IMS 10' Water Rope Sensor
FGDIMS4860   IMS Magnetic Reed Switch
FGDIMS4840   IMS Power Failure Alarm
FGDIMS4810   IMS Temperature Sensor
FGDIMS4830   IMS Water Alarm
FGDIMS4200   IMS-4200 Wireless Receiver for IMS-4000
FGDIMS4210   IMS-4210 Wireless Temperature Sensor
FGDIMS4211   IMS-4211 Wireless Humidity Sensor
FGDIMS4814   IMS-4814 Ultra Low Temperature Sensor (-85C)
FGDIMS4862   IMS-4862 IMS Smoke Detector
FGDIMS4812   IMS4812 - IMS Spot Temperature Sensor
FGDIMS4861   Indoor Infrared Motion Sensor Alarm
FGD0035   Input Expansion Card for Sensapone Express II
DKIR3000   IR-3000 Dakota Alert Indoor Motion Sensor
DKIRDCR2500   IRDCR-2500 Wireless Entrance Alarm System
OPIVPDU   IVPDU - Optex iVision+ Door Unit
OPIVPHU   IVPHU - Optex Handheld Unit for iVision Plus
GWBBU300BB2   Janus Battery Backup
GWHSPA910PSKIT   Janus POTSWAP Cellular to Landline Terminal (Telular Replacement)
KLICKITC8816   KLICKIT C8816 - Direct Burial Splice Kit

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