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Enforcer E-921CPQ Dialer Enforcer E-921CPQ Dialer

Enforcer E-921CPQ Dialer

Price: CAD $162.00
Basic Alarm Dialer PAD2001 - Universal Two Zone Dialer

USP Dialer

Price: CAD $244.00
Sensaphone 400 Alarm Sensaphone 400 4 Zone Alarm Dialer

Sensaphone 400 Alarm Dialer, 4 Inputs

Price: CAD $519.00
Sensaphone 800 Sensaphone FGD-800 Alarm Dialer

Sensaphone 800 Alarm Monitor and Dialer, 4 Inputs

Price: CAD $769.00
Janus Cellular to POTS Landline Telephone Terminal Janus POTSWAP Cellular to Landline Terminal (Telular Replacement)

JANUS POTSWAP Landline to Cellular Adapter

List Price: CAD $999.99
Price: CAD $899.00
Savings: CAD $100.99
Sensaphone FGD1400 FGD1400 - Sensaphone 1400 Monitor and Alarm, 4 Zone, Telephone Dialer

Sensaphone 1400 Monitoring System

Price: CAD $1,049.00
Sensaphone FGD1800 FGD1800 - Sensaphone 1800

Sensaphone 1800 Monitoring System

Price: CAD $1,379.00
Sensaphone FGD6700 FGD6700 - Sensaphone Express II

Sensaphone FGD-6700 Express II

Price: CAD $2,529.00
Sensaphone SCADA 3000 Sensaphone SCADA 3000

SCADA 3000

Price: CAD $3,396.99

Alarm Dialers and Phone Dialers

These telephone dialers can be used on their own with sensor inputs that trigger a phone call to one or multiple users in case of an emergency. Or they can be used as an attachment to an existing alarm or automation system to provide dial out notification in case of a problem.

We have several models available from simple one or two input voice dialers, to multiple input models, models in NEMA weatherproof enclosures and even complete stand alone automation systems like the Sensaphone SCADA 3000 with built in programmable logic.