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Elk M1XSLZW Elk M1XSLZW Interface to Z-Wave


Price: CAD $194.99
Sensaphone 400 Alarm Sensaphone 400 4 Zone Alarm Dialer

Sensaphone 400 Alarm Dialer, 4 Inputs

Price: CAD $499.99
Sensaphone 800 Sensaphone FGD-800 Alarm Dialer

Sensaphone 800 Alarm Monitor and Dialer, 4 Inputs

Price: CAD $729.99
Janus Cellular to POTS Landline Telephone Terminal Janus POTSWAP Cellular to Landline Terminal (Telular Replacement)

JANUS POTSWAP Landline to Cellular Adapter

List Price: CAD $999.99
Price: CAD $899.00

Alarms, Data Logging and Monitoring

Our alarms and monitoring systems are used for security applications, temperature monitoring, sensor data logging and alerts. Whether you need a complete security system, an add on voice dialer, cellular communicator or environmental monitoring solution we have you covered

In addition to residential systems, we offer solutions for data centers, green houses, farming, grow ops, medical cold storage, refrigeration and freezer monitoring and more. Telephone, cellular, stand alone and cloud based solutions are available.