Computer and Server Rooms

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Server Room Monitors

Power failures and high temperatures in server rooms or data centers are the largest causes of data loss and system downtime in industries across the globe. Monitoring the environmental conditions (especially temperature) within server room is crucial in preventing expensive down time and lost data.

The Sensaphone IMS Alarm Systems will monitor for many different environmental conditions within your server room.

Prevent Data Loss and Down Time. Use the Sensaphone IMS-1000 to Monitor your Data Center or Server Room.

Sensaphone IMS-1000

The IMS-1000 has eight (8) available sensor inputs and is rack mountable. Each sensor connects to the IMS-1000 using standard CAT5 Patch Cables, the system is accessed through a web browser for all programming and data monitoring. The IMS-1000 also data logs its sensor readings making it suitable for application where data logging of temperature readings is required.

Sensaphone IMS1000

Have a large application where many sensor are required?

Sensaphone IMS 4000

The IMS-4000 has eight (8) available sensor inputs but is expandable up to 256 with the use of the IMS Nodes. The IMS-4000 has proven very popular in large data center and server room applications as well as large health care centers where the data logging is required.

Sensaphone IMS4000