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Freeze Alarms from Control Products are the industry standard when it comes to temperature alarm dialers for homes, cottages, cabins and second homes. Freeze Alarm is easy to setup and install.  The Freeze Alarm Intermediate is our most popular temperature alarm dialer.
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Freeze Alarm FA700 Temperature Alarm Phone Dialer FA700E Freeze Alarm Telephone Dialer

The Freeze Alarm FA-700E will notify you of falling and rising temperatures before they become a problem.

Price: CAD $94.99
Freeze Alarm Home Sitter HS700E HS700E - Freeze Alarm Homesitter

Basic freeze alarm with water sensor.

List Price: CAD $149.99
Price: CAD $109.99
FA800E FreezeAlarm Dialer Pro FA800E FreezeAlarm Dialer Pro

The FA800E Freeze Alarm Dialer Pro monitors for hi or low temp, freeze and power failures, and will call up to three phone numbers.

Price: CAD $199.99
FA-900E TempAlarm Dialer Pro FA-900E TempAlarm Dialer Pro

TempAlarm Dialer Pro FA-900E monitors hi and low temperature, freezing, power and can turn up the heat before you arrive.

Price: CAD $269.99
WS-04E Water Siren WS-04E Water Siren

WS-04E Water Siren

Price: CAD $49.99
Marcell Cellular Power and Freeze Alarm AT&T and Rogers MarCell MAR500 Cellular Freeze and Power Alarm for Canada

MarCell Cellular Freeze and Power Alarm AT&T and Rogers

List Price: CAD $349.99
Price: CAD $339.00
Savings: CAD $10.99
Freeze Alarm Temperature Sensor Freeze Alarm Sensor Probe

Replacement temperature sensor probe(s).

Price: CAD $55.00
Battery Backup for Freeze Alarm Freeze Alarm Battery Holder

Battery holder to prolong Freeze Alarm life during power outages.

Price: CAD $27.00

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