Cottage Alarms

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Cottage Alarms

Cottages, chalets and other vacation homes all have extended periods where they are unoccupied. This can leave them susceptible to massive damage from both dropping or freezing temperatures as well water leaks or floods. Use any of the common alarms below to protect your cottage or vacation home.

Is there a phone line in your cottage?

Than either of these temperature alarm dialers will work for you.

Freeze Alarm for Cottage

The Freeze Alarm Intermediate (FAI) is our most temperature alarm dialer for cottage owners. Simply program in the low temperature limit along with three different phone numbers for the alarm to call when the temperature falls below your limit. This is a terrific and simple way to protect your vacation home from freeze damage and all the other problems that will accompany freezing pipes!


Cottage Alarm System

The Sensaphone 400 (FGD-400) is a complete freeze alarm dialer system with multiple inputs which other sensors (such as water) can be connected to. Out of the box the Sensaphone will monitor for temperature alarm conditions in the same manner the Freeze Alarm would. The Sensaphone also has an additional three zones which is where a user can connect other temperature sensors, water sensors etc.

Sensors available for the Sensaphone include water leak sensors, motion sensors, door switches all of which can help to provide a more complete alarm system for your vacation home.


No Phone Line at your cottage?
Do you have WiFi?

Wi-Fi Alarms
WiFi Temperature Alarm for Cottages

The TEMPSPOT is a Wi-Fi temperature alert that will automatically send email and text message notification when the temperature goes outside of your programmed temperature ranges. Perfect for cottages that don't have land lines in them but WiFi is available.