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Dakota Alert Lithium Batteries 4PKCR123 Batteries

4 Pack of CR123A 3V Batteries

Price: CAD $14.99
Outdoor Siren Elk SS15 - 115dB Weatherproof Siren

115 Decibel Siren

Price: CAD $19.99
110dB Weatherproof Siren Elk M120 - 110dB Weatherproof Siren

110dB Weatherproof Siren

Price: CAD $19.99
12VDC Whistle DKWhistle - 12VDC Mini Whistle

12VDC Whistle

Price: CAD $21.00
12V Power Supply 12VDC 500ma Adapter

12VDC 500mA power supply

Price: CAD $21.00
30 Watt 12V Siren Elk SS30 - 120dB Weatherproof Siren

30 Watt 12V Siren

Price: CAD $21.99
Driveway Alarm Bird House Birdhouse for Transmitter Boxes

Birdhouse for Disguising Transmitters

Price: CAD $22.00
Driveway alarm imitation birdhouse BHUF - Imitation Birdhouse for Driveway Alarms

Birdhouse for Disguising Transmitters

Price: CAD $22.00
12VDC 1AMP Power Supply 12VDC 1AMP Power Supply

12VDC 1AMP Power Supply

Price: CAD $26.00
Seco Larm Relay Timer Relay Timer

Relay Timer

Price: CAD $26.99
MURS Chime MURSCHIME - Pleasant Sounding Chime Add-On

Chime Add On with Volume Control

Price: CAD $27.00
Piexo Siren Mini Piezo Siren - 12VDC

12VDC 110dV Siren

Price: CAD $29.00
Alarm Strobe Light Strobe Light

Strobe Light

Price: CAD $29.99
Strobe and Siren for Driveway Alarm System Strobe and Siren Alert

Strobe and Siren for Driveway Alarm System

Price: CAD $39.00
Mier DA073 Wireless Outlet DA073 - Mier Wireless Wall Outlet

Mier DA073 Wireless Wall Outlet

Price: CAD $54.00
Optex TS10U Transmitter TS10U - Optex Push Button Transmitter

Optex TS-10U Transmitter

Price: CAD $54.99
Mier DA-072 Wireless Module DA072 - Wireless Lamp Module

Mier DA-072 Wireless Module

Price: CAD $64.99
Mier DA500LKA Relay Box Accessory Mier DA-500LKA Relay Box Accessory for DA-500 Models

The DA-500LKA is a 24V relay box that lets you control additional devices by a Mier Drive-Alert.

Price: CAD $79.99

Driveway Alarm Accessories

Want your driveway alarm system to do more than just activate a chime? Choose from our huge range of accessories and have your driveway alarm activate lights, sirens, additional chimes or even receive phone calls or text messages when your alarm is activated. Unsure of how to do something? Give us a call to discuss your application, we can likely build a custom system to suit your needs.