ELK 120 Four Channel Voice and Siren Driver
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ELK 120 Four Channel Voice and Siren Driver

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    The ELK 120 is a four channel siren and voice driver module. All four (4) channels can be used as voice channels and are fully recordable with non-volatile memory. Or, you can select to use 2 channels as sirens and the other two as voice. The total recording time is 8 minutes and the built in siren tones are Yelp, Temporal Coded Horn, or Pulsing Industrial Horn. The channels can be set to repeat infinitely and the sirens can set to be activated in sequence with the voice channels.


    • Four Channels Configurable as: Two Siren and Two Recordable Voice OR Four Recordable Voice.
    • Maximum record time is 8 minutes divided between the number of voice channels.
    • Siren Sounds: Classic Yelp Siren, Temporal Coded Horn, and Steady Industrial Horn.
    • Temporal Coded Horn meets ANSI standard for Audible Emergency Evacuation Signaling.
    • Recordings stored in non-volatile memory.
    • Voice channels accept momentary triggers.
    • "One Shot" or Continuous voice playback settings.
    • Option to trigger +V1 and or +S3 channels from a steady or pulsing input (ComboTrigger™)
    • Built-in condenser microphone for recording.
    • Adjustable speaker volume and current draw.
    • Powerful 24 watt audio amplifier for Speakers.
    • Line Level Output Jack for Paging Systems and Amplifiers.
    • PC sound card interface connector.
    • Lifetime Limited Warranty.

    1 x ELK 120 Driver

    • Operating Voltage: 11 to 14 Volts DC.
    • Current Draw: .2 to 2 Amps, (depends on volume setting & speaker load).
    • Sound Level: 120 db @ 1 meter, 14 vdc, with one 8 ohm speaker.
    • Max. Speaker Loading: 4 Ohms.
    • Max. Message Length: 2 min. per channel in voice mode or 4 min. per 2 channels in siren mode.
    • Pulsing Input: 1/2 to 2 Second Pulse, 50% duty cycle.
    • Size: 3" x 5" x 1.25" (76 x 127 x 32mm).

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