FreezeAlarm FA800E Dialer Pro FreezeAlarm FA800E Dialer Pro

FreezeAlarm FA800E Dialer Pro

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    FreezeAlarm Dialer Pro FA-800E

    *Discontinued. Please see HS700E or FA900E 

    The FA800E FreezeAlarm Dialer Pro is a telephone alarm dialer for monitoring hi and low temperatures as well as power failures. The FreezeAlarm is a trusted brand among freeze protection products using a landline phone connection. It’s no surprise that it's often recommended by insurance companies to protect properties. This model replaces the FA-I-CCA Freeze Alarm Intermediate.

    The Freeze Alarm can monitor a temperature range from -67° to 302°F (-55° to 150°C). The FA800E can monitor ambient room temperature or use the probe to monitor a freezer, refrigerator or cold storage room. The included probe is on a 3 foot wire, which can be extended by the user up to 90 feet.

    In the case of a temperature limit trigger, power failure or if the battery gets low, the dialer will automatically call up to three phone numbers to notify the owner. Receive an easy to understand explanation of the alert and if a call is not answered the FA800E will leave a voicemail message. The Quick Status feature lets you remotely check your phone temperature alarm from anywhere to hear current temperature, check power and battery life status with a simple call.

    A security code can be added to prevent unauthorized access making your alarm dialer secure.

    The unit plugs into a 110VAC power outlet and uses a 9V battery for backup power.

    FA800E FreezeAlarm Dialer Pro Specifications

    • Replaces FAICCA Freeze Alarm Intermediate
    • Telephone and Power Failure Telephone Dialer Alarm
    • Calls up to 3 telephone numbers in case of temperature alarm, power failure alarm, and low battery
    • Plays a custom recorded message
    • Users can phone in to check current status, temperature & to change programming
    • Includes external temperature sensor on 3 foot wire, can be extended up to 90 feet
    • 9V battery backup (not included)
    • Temperature monitoring range -67° to 302°F (-55° to 150°C) with customizable threshold
    • Accuracy: +3°F (+3°C)
    • Security code prevents unauthorized access
    • No monitoring fees or installation costs
    • 1 x FA800E
    • 1 x Power adapter
    • 1 x 3.5" sensor
    • 1 x 6" cord with RJ11 connectors


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