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FloodStop water leak sensors with automatic shut off valves are perfect for protecting your property from costly water damage.  Simply install a FloodStop on any of the appliances in your home (dishwasher, water heater, toilet, etc.) and if or when that appliance ever leaks, a fitting fails etc. the FloodStop will quickly close the water valve to prevent flooding.  FloodStop is available for water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, sinks, ice makers and fridges with built-in water filters.
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Floodstop Leak Sensor 14C - Floodstop for Appliances with 1/4" lines V4 34H90 - Floodstop for Washing Machines - V4
Price: CAD $20.00
Price: CAD $159.00
Price: CAD $230.00
Floodstop Leak Sensor Floodstop Leak Shutoff Floodstop for Washing Machines
Floodstop Sensor Floodstop 14C Floodstop 34H90
38C V4 - FloodStop for all 3/8" applications 38CD V4 - Floodstop for Appliances with Dual 3/8" Lines 34NPT V4 - Floodstop for Water Heaters
Price: CAD $159.00
Price: CAD $194.00
Price: CAD $209.00
Floodstop 38C Floodstop 38CD Floodstop NPT34
Floodstop 38C Floodstop 38CD Floodstop NPT34

FloodStop Water Leak System and Shut Off Devices Prevent Flooding

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