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greenhouse alarms

Greenhouses and garden centers have a variety of unique alarm and monitoring needs. An unexpected frost or a malfunctioning furnace can cause massive losses very quickly, one of our temperature alarm systems will give owners peace of mind knowing their plants and investments are being protected and monitored.

There is also often a need for a monitoring system to alert sales staff who may be out watering plants etc. in the back to the fact that customer(s) have arrived. One of our driveway alarms with a portable receiver, or the text messaging driveway alarm system will make sure your operation never misses a customers or delivery again!

Need a cost-effective and reliable temperature/frost alarm system for your greenhouse?

greenhouse frost alarm

The Sensaphone FGD-1400 is a rugged alarm dialer capable of monitoring four separate sensors (temperature, humidity, water pressure etc.) and dialing up to four different phone numbers if an alarm condition on any sensor is detected. The unit is encased in a NEMA4X box making it suitable to install in high humidity and damp environments (perfect for greenhouses), it also has a built in rechargeable battery so if/when the power fails the unit can continue to monitor all conditions and will actually dial out to alert you to the power failure.

Sensaphone Greenhouse Alarm

Need web based monitoring, smart phone apps and data logging for your greenhouse operation?

Sentinel 1200 Web and Cloud Alarm with Data Logging

The Sentinel supports up to 12 sensors and connects to the Sensaphone cloud by Internet or cellular communication options to provide alerts to multiple users by email, text message or phone call. It features unlimited sensor data logging, and user set alarm conditions. A huge range of sensors available include temperature, humidity, PH level, soil moisture, water pressure and more. Available in standard packaging or in a NEMA4X enclosure to protect from harsh conditions including humidity, moisture, water. A built in rechargeable battery keeps it up and running during power failures and to provide notification of power failures.

Sensaphone Greenhouse Alarm

Looking for a robust temperature alarm system for a larger greenhouse operation? Want to monitor multiple greenhouses without running wires?

wireless greenhouse temperature alarm

The Sensaphone WSG-30 is an alarm and monitoring system capable of monitoring up to 30 individual wireless sensors. Owners can choose from temperature sensors, humidity sensors, water leak sensors and more to build the perfect alarm system for their specific needs. Each wireless sensors has a wireless range of 300 feet, AND acts as a repeater for other WSG wireless sensors. In this manner the sensors form a 'mesh' network, where as long as each sensor is within 300 feet of another sensor the wireless alarm signal will be bounced down the sensors back to the WSG-30 main alarm unit.

Greenhouse Temperature Alarm

Have a smaller greenhouse or garden center operation, and just need some local temperature alerts?

greenhouse temperature alert

This wireless temperature alert is quick and easy to setup and move around as required. Simply set your high and low thresholds the same way you would on a thermostat and when the temperature hits a threshold a local alarm signal is instantly sent out wirelessly. Users can choose to have plug in chime alerts and/or pager receivers which will sound audible alerts when the temperature alarm signal is received. The system has a wireless range of 3000 feet.

Greenhouse Wireless Temperature Alert

Need to know when customers or deliveries arrive at your garden center?

dakota pr-2500

The Dakota Alert Pager 2500 is a portable receiver which will work the Dakota Alert 2500 driveway and vehicle sensors. The PR- 2500 will work with any of the Dakota Alert 3000 or 2500 systems. When being used with one of the Dakota Alert 2500 transmitters the pager can receive an alert signal up to 2500 feet away from the transmitter! Perfect for allowing staff to move around the property and still be notified of customers or deliveries as soon as they arrive.

Want a system that sends you text messages? Check out the CARSPOT Text Messaging Driveway Alert!

Driveway Alert Pager