HS700E - Freeze Alarm Homesitter

HS700E - Freeze Alarm Homesitter

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    The Freeze Alarm HomeSitter HS-700E Home Monitoring System will monitor for water leaks, high or low temperature alarm conditions and power outages! When any of the alarm conditions are detected the monitor will call up to three phone numbers to alert you. There is also a built in audible alarm for local notification.

    The Homesitter alarm and dialer will dial up to three phone numbers if the temperature falls below 45°F or rises above 85°F. The Freeze Alarm Homesitter also monitors for water leaks with the included water sensor and will dial you if a power outage occurs*.

    *9V Battery Required (not included)

    1 x Homesitter HS700 ETemperature Alarm (internal temperature sensor)
    1 x Water Sensor
    1 x AC Power Supply

    Freeze Alarm Homesitter Manual Homesitter

    Alarms if the temperature falls below 45°F or rises above 85°F.
    Water Sensor Included - Dials out with Alarm Signal if water is detected
    Power Outage Alarm - Requires 9V Battery (not included)
    Dials up to three different phone numbers
    Built in Audible Alarm

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