Internet Remote Monitoring

Internet Web Remote Monitoring, Alarms and Alerts

These web based monitoring and alert systems can monitor for power failures, high, low or freezing temperatures, dry contact closures or any number of environmental sensors .  They can log data and report alarms via email, SMS text or voice messages to one or more users.

Sensaphone, a pioneer in sensor monitoring, offers several Internet Web based monitoring and alarm solutions.  Some are stand alone with built in web servers while others use the Sensaphone Cloud service to log sensor data and send alerts.

Data logging from sensors is crucial for critical environments such as medical storage and food storage.  It also plays an important role in several other industries including greenhouse & grow ops, oil & natural gas, water treatment, computer rooms and data centers.

In case of an alarm due to power failure, security alert, or a sensor out of range, the monitoring system will send email, text or a voice call to one or more key staff members, owners or property managers.

Available sensors include, but are not limited to temperature, humidity, water leaks, vibration, pressure, air quality, soil moisture, PH levels and security.

We are an authorized Sensaphone distributor with wholesale dealer programs and volume pricing available.