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Mier Products and Driveway Alarms

We are an authorized Mier Products distributor for Canada.  Mier wired and wireless driveway alarm systems include the DA-100, DA-500, DA-600.  The Mier DA-500 line of driveway alarm products is an industry leader when it comes to hard wired magnetic vehicle sensors. The DA100 and DA600 offer long range wireless alerts.  Mier is made in USA to the highest standards.
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MIER DA-100 Wireless Driveway Alarm MIER DA-100 Wireless Driveway Alarm

MIER DA-100 Wireless Driveway Alarm

Price: CAD $529.00
Sale Price: CAD $399.00
Savings: CAD $130.00
Mier DA-500 Driveway Alarm System DA500 - Mier Driveway Alarm System

Mier DA-500 Driveway Alarm System

Price: CAD $329.00
DA-500 Control Panel DA500CP - Mier DA-500 Controller

DA-500 Control Panel

Price: CAD $229.00
Mier DA100CP Mier DA100CP Control Panel Receiver and Chime

The DA100CP control panel works as a receiver with built in chime, for the DA610TO, DA611TO, DA612TO, DA500 and DA605CP.  Add additional DA100CP to the system to be alerted of visitors in additional rooms or buildings.  The DA100CP has a built in volume control for the chime, and is powered by the included plug-in power supply.

Price: CAD $189.00
Mier DA606LK DA606LK - Mier Light Kit

Mier DA606LK Light Kit

Price: CAD $181.00
Mier DA078 DA078 - Mier Plug In Wireless Chime

DA078 Chime

Price: CAD $139.00
DA 505 Timer DA505 - Mier Driveway Alarm Timer

DA505 Timer

Price: CAD $128.00
Mier DA655 DA655 - Mier 24V Chime

24V Chime

Price: CAD $116.00
Mier DA051 Driveway Alarm Probe DA051 - Mier Driveway Alarm Probe

Mier DA051 Driveway Alarm Probe

Price: CAD $84.00
Mier DA-070 Chime DA070 - Mier Wireless Chime

Mier DA-070 Chime

Price: CAD $69.00
Mier Whistle DA052V - Remote Whistle with Volume Control

DA052V 24VDC Whistle

Price: CAD $65.00
Mier DA071 DA071 - Mier Wireless Light Switch

Mier DA071 Wireless Light Switch

Price: CAD $61.00
Mier DA073 Wireless Outlet DA073 - Mier Wireless Wall Outlet

Mier DA073 Wireless Wall Outlet

Price: CAD $54.00
Mier DA-066 Transmitter DA-066 - Mier Wireless Transmitter

DA-066 Transmitter

Price: CAD $49.00
Mier DA-072 Wireless Module DA072 - Wireless Lamp Module

Mier DA-072 Wireless Module

Price: CAD $42.00

Mier Products Driveway Alarm