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Dakota Alert Lithium Batteries 4PKCR123 Batteries

4 Pack of CR123A 3V Batteries

Price: CAD $14.99
Mier DA-072 Wireless Module DA072 - Wireless Lamp Module

Mier DA-072 Wireless Module

Price: CAD $42.00
Mier DA073 Wireless Outlet DA073 - Mier Wireless Wall Outlet

Mier DA073 Wireless Wall Outlet

Price: CAD $54.00
Optex TS10U Transmitter TS10U - Optex Push Button Transmitter

Optex TS-10U Transmitter

Price: CAD $54.99
Dakota Alert UT-2500 Dakota Alert UT2500 Wireless Transmitter

Push Button Doorbell or Generic Wireless Transmitter

Price: CAD $55.00
Mier DA071 DA071 - Mier Wireless Light Switch

Mier DA071 Wireless Light Switch

Price: CAD $61.00
Dakota Alert Hose DKRH - 25' of Rubber Air Hose

Dakota Alert Air Hose

Price: CAD $69.00
STI 34104 Receiver 34104 - STI Chime Receiver

STI 34104 Receiver

Price: CAD $76.00
Optex TC10U Transmitter TC10U - Optex Wireless Door Sensor

Optex TC10U Transmitter

Price: CAD $79.95
Dakota Alert DCMT 2500 Dakota Alert DCMT-2500 Driveway Sensor

Infrared Motion Driveway Sensor

Price: CAD $79.99
Dakota Alert DCR-2500 Dakota Alert DCR-2500 Driveway Chime

Wireless Driveway Chime Receiver

Price: CAD $79.99
Mier DA500LKA Relay Box Accessory Mier DA-500LKA Relay Box Accessory for DA-500 Models

The DA-500LKA is a 24V relay box that lets you control additional devices by a Mier Drive-Alert.

Price: CAD $79.99
Rodann RX2000A Chime RX2000A - Rodann Driveway Alarm Chime

Rodann Driveway Chime

Price: CAD $87.99
Dakota Alert PR-2500 Pager Dakota Alert PR-2500 Wireless Driveway Pager

Pager Receiver

Price: CAD $89.99
Optex TD20U Infrared Sensor TD20U - Optex Wireless Driveway Sensor

Optex TD20U Driveway Sensor

Price: CAD $94.99
Optex RC-20U RC-20U Optex Wireless Driveway Chime

Optex RC-20U Chime

Price: CAD $94.99
Dakota Alert IR-2500 Dakota Alert IR-2500 Indoor Sensor

Indoor Wireless Motion Sensor

Price: CAD $99.99

Most of the driveway alerting systems we carry are expandable meaning users can choose to have multiple sensor and multiple chimes working together. On top of that, many of the systems feature both dry contact (no voltage) and powered outputs to activate external devices such as strobes, sirens etc. Find the devices to expand, accessorize and customize your perfect driveway alarm system here.