Poultry Barn Alarms

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Poultry Barn Alarms

Poultry Barn Alarm Systems

There has long been a need for a poultry barn alarm system that is not vulnerable to issues with old phone lines corroding, and that can operate even without a phone line to a barn. New bylaws in most areas require barns to be built with significant setbacks from roads and residential properties, this makes getting phone lines installed to them more expensive up front, plus monthly fees for land lines are increasing across the board. The Sensaphone Sentinel can avoid all of these problems.

Is there an internet connection in the barn?

Than the standard Sentinel unit will work for you.

Poultry Barn Alarm

The Sensaphone Sentinel is capable of having up to 12 different sensors connected to it. It is very easy to setup and program, simply plug it into your router to get the unit online then go to the Sentinel web site to create your free account and being programming your unit through the cloud. There's even a convenient app for monitoring your barn, acknowledging alarms, adjusting parameters and more.

Sensaphone Alarm

No Internet connection at the barn?

No problem, the Sentinel also comes in a Cellular Version complete with NEMA 4X casing protecting the unit from dust, humidity etc.

Cellular Poultry Barn Alarm

The cellular version of the Sensaphone Sentinel does everything the Sentinel does, PLUS does it via a cellular network so there is no internet or phone connection required at all in the barn. With an annual flat rate fee for the connection this often works to be the most cost effective (and simplest) method of monitoring your barn remotely.