Digital Wireless Intercom 2 Pack

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Quickly and easily set up an intercom system for home or business without having to run any wires. Use this wireless intercom at home to communicate with family members in other rooms, the garage or shop. Or at the office to let guests call for assistance, have office staff communicate between rooms or departments or for emergency communications. Use in professional offices to call the boss or announce patients.

The system can be expanded by adding additional FTAN20A desk/wall intercoms, or FPCN10A hand held portable intercoms. Portable units are perfect for mobile staff, security staff, maintenance staff, grounds workers, etc.

When multiple intercoms are installed, users can call a specific station, or create a group call, announcing a message to all stations in the same group. This is a great way to announce calls in an office or to find a family member when you don't know which room they're in.

Wireless range is up to 1000 feet direct line of sight. Walls, structures and interference will reduce the range.

Installation is simple, just plug them in using the included plug-in power supply, give each station a unique number if needed, and set a group number if needed. Stations can be unplugged and moved to another room as needed without losing programming.

FTAN20A Wireless Intercom Features:

  • Place on a desk, shelf or mount on the wall
  • Digital wireless communication
  • True wireless, does NOT user electrical powerline communication
  • Long range
  • Simple plug and play set up
  • Flexible and expandable
  • Add FTAN20A intercom stations to expand the system
  • Add FPCN10A portable radio intercoms to expand the system
  • Easy to use push-to-tall and call buttons
  • Lock button allows a station to be used for hands free listen-in
  • Lock mode lasts 10 hours then resets, can push again to re-activate

  • 2 x intercom stations
  • 2 x 110v-220v plug in power adapters with ~ 6 foot power cables

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