Sure Action Wireless Vehicle Sensing Driveway Alarm

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This is a complete battery operated wireless vehicle sensing driveway probe package. With Sure Action's Wireless Probe System, you can install a vehicle sensing probe system almost anywhere. Sure Action systems are known for their reliable operation and long life.

For difficult environments Sure Action Driveway Alarm is your solution. The driveway probe will be placed or buried along side or in the center of the driveway. It provides around 14 feet of coverage on either side. For wide driveways the probe should be installed in the center of the drive.

The probe is attached to the battery powered transmitter by a 25 foot wire. The included receiver and chime will be installed inside the house, garage, office, farm, etc in order to receive the signal and alert you to a vehicle approaching.

Wireless range is up to 2,000 feet line of sight without obstructions. For super long range, consider the WT5CLR with range up to 10,000 feet!

There is an on board 'Form C' relay that can be used to connect a trigger from a driveway event, to an alarm system, external system, siren, or wireless chime extender (eg RXTX6).

There are many instances when a battery-operated system could be preferred:

  • Terrain where it is difficult to trench
  • On a ranch where the nearest building is far from the location where you've buried the probe
  • Areas that experience severe lightning storms where a long wire run would act like a huge antenna

Complete Wireless Driveway Alarm, including:

  • WP5 Processor, Transmitter, Receiver
  • P500 driveway probe with 25 feet cable
  • Power supply
  • ChimePLT - chime plate

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