WaterCop Pro Wireless Water Leak Sensor




The WaterCop Pro wireless water leak sensors can be placed around any and all areas where water damage is possible. It is suggested to have a wireless water sensor near every water using appliance such as toilets, dishwashers, hot water heaters, washing machines etc. When any of these wireless sensors detect water they will instantly send a wireless alert signal the WaterCop Pro control panel which immediately close the valve, stopped the flow of water and the leak. This can keep a leak to just a minor nuisance and prevent it from causing catastrophic water damage to your home or building.

  • 1 - WaterCop Pro Transmitter
  • 1 - Water leak sensor with 10 foot cord

  • For use with the WaterCop Pro control panel only
  • 10' white water sensor probe cord
  • Power Supply: 2 AA batteries (not included) or AC Adaptor (optional)
  • 150' - 200' wireless range depending on building layout, construction material
  • Up to 45 wireless sensors can be used with one actuator
  • Wireless transmitter is addressable

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