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RCTD20U - Optex Wireless 2000

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    The Optex Wireless 2000 wireless driveway alarm system comes complete with an infrared driveway sensor with a 2000 foot wireless transmission range*! Use the Optex RCTD-20U to monitor your driveway and alert you to people or vehicles entering your property. The RCTD-20U can also be used to monitor doorways, garage entrances etc.. The infrared motion sensor has a swivel mount enabling it to be used in multiple types of security and monitoring applications!

    The Optex TD20U infrared sensor and wireless transmitter has two settings for the infrared sensor, fan and long range beam. The fan setting is perfect for door and entrance ways or even as a motion sensor mounted the corned of a room. The beam setting will monitor up to 50 feet in front of the sensor making it ideal for wide driveways, parking lots or even as a perimeter sensor for your property.

    With multiple chime sounds, volume control, a form "C" relay out and the ability to monitor up to 12 Optex wireless transmitters the RC20 chime receiver is as versatile as the TD20U sensor!

    Additional Accessories Available:

    RC20U: additional chime receiver

    TD20U: wireless PIR sensor transmitter, outdoor rated

    TS10U: wireless push button transmitter, outdoor rated

    TC10U: wireless door/window transmitter, outdoor rated

    TR20U: wireless repeater to increase transmission range

    *** Products are backwards compatible and will work with the Optex 1000 RC-10U/TD-10U Series ***


    • Receiver powered by 9V DC adaptor (inluded) and the transmitter is powered by a 9V battery (not included)
    • Max distance from the transmitter to the receiver is up to 2000 ft., line of sight
    • Compatible with TR-20U relay/extender which will extend the range by approximatley 1,000ft (not included)
    • Choose 50 ft long range or 17 ft fan (14 ft x 26 ft wide) detection pattern
    • Form C relay available with duration settings for integration with other devices
    • Add up to 9 transmitters per receiver
    • 418 Mhz with privacy codes available
    • Adjustable volume control – 0 to 80dB max
    • Plays three different chime sounds
    • 1 Form C relay, 24V DC, 1A / 50V AC max

    1 x Optex TD-20U Wireless Driveway Sensor
    1 x Optex RC-20U Driveway Chime
    1 x Power Supply

    Manual temperature sensor information
    Spec Sheet optex alarm manual
    RC-20U Quick Programming Instructions optex alarm programming
    Chime Zone 1 Chime
    Chime Zone 2Driveway Chime
    Chime Zone 3Optex Chime

    TD-20U Driveway Sensor
    Description: Indoor/Outdoor Sensor transmitter
    Detection Method: Passive infrared
    Detection Range: 50ft (15m) long range or 17ft (5m) fan pattern
    Detection Angle: 90° vertically & ±5° horizontally or ±5° vertically & 90° horizontally
    Power Source: 9V alkaline battery (not included)
    Battery Life: Approx. 2yrs [250/day at 70°F (20°C)]
    Visible Indicator: Red LED
    Transmission Frequency: 418MHz
    Transmission Range: 2000ft (line of sight)
    Operating Temperature: 15°F~120°F (-20°C~+50°C)
    Water Resistance: IP54
    Suitable for use: Outdoor/Indoor
    Weight: 6.3oz (180g)
    Accessories: Mounting screw × 2
    Optex RC20U Driveway Chime:
    Power Source - 9VDC Power Adapter (included)
    Chime Tones - 3 Tones and one "Latching" alarm
    Volume: Adjustable: 0~80dB/5 levels (Continuous zone: max.)
    Relay Rating: 50V AC 1A max or 24V DC 1A max.
    Output Timer: Selectable: off/1/5/30/60sec/utility output mode
    Radio Frequency: 418MHz
    Operating Temperature: 15°F~104°F (-20°C~+40°C)
    Maximum Number of Transmitters: 12

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