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Remote Monitoring and Environmental Monitoring
Environmental Monitoring and Remote Monitoring

Our monitoring, data logging and alert systems are used in many industries and applications including:

Water and Wastewater Treatment
Data Center
Medical Cold Storage

Monitor for power failures, equipment failures, environmental conditions and more to ensure your home or cottage is safe, or your business is running optimally. In many cases such as medical storage and food storage, it's mandatory to not only monitor temperature but also to log data and provide reports to governing bodies.

We offer monitoring systems that can log data from sensors as well as provide alerts to one or more staff members, managers or owners in case of an equipment failure or if sensors fall out of range.

Temperatures that are too high or too low or the poor ventilation can kill animals and destroy plants and crops. Our environmental monitoring systems and sensors can keep track of temperature, humidity, CO, CO2, soil moisture, PH levels and many more. If a sensor falls out of range, a phone call can be automatically placed, or an email or text message can be sent so problems can be immediately dealt with before damage or loss occurs.