Remote Temperature Monitoring

Remote Temperature Monitoring and Alerts

There are many applications and industries for which temperature monitoring, logging and/or alarm reporting is crucial to operations or safety.  Remote temperature monitoring solutions are available from simple alerts by telephone, to network or Internet based systems, cellular communicators and even satellite based systems.

Homes, Cottages and Remote Properties

In the winter your pipes can freeze quickly if power fails or heating equipment malfunctions.  Monitor temperatures remotely and get an alert if powr fails or the temperature drops near freezing.  Monitor hot tubs or aquariums to protect against freezing or temperature problems.

Food Storage - Cold Storage

Refridgerator and freezer temperature monitoring is crucial to keeping food safe.  Monitor temperatures in fridges and freezers and send an alert if temperatures go out of range.  Provide data logging to prove that food is being stored safely.

Medical Cold Storage

Vaccines, samples and other pharmaceutical products can be ruined if temperatures are not maintained.  Monitor medical grade refridgerators and freezers.  Record temperature history for compliance and report problems to staff immediately to avoid catastrophic loss due to power failure or failed equipment.

Greenhouse, Grow Ops, Agriculture

Plants, crops and animals all need to be kept safe from extreme high or low temperatures that can cause loss or illness.  Monitor temperatures in barns, green houses, growing facilities and send an alarm message in case of a problem.  

Data Centers

Computers, servers and network equipment can be damaged by high temperatures.  Monitor temperatures in data centers and computer rooms and send an alert to staff if temperatures rise above normal to proactively resolve issues before they become critical.