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Sensaphone Alarm Dialers and Internet Web Alert Systems

Sensaphone offers a wide selection of alarm and alert systems with telephone, cellular, Internet cloud and standalone web models. These systems are suitable for all types of alarm and monitoring applications including residential, commercial, farms, greenhouses, cold storage, medical facilities and server data centres. From the Sensaphone 400 telephone dialer which has four input zones and one output zone, up to the Sentinel, IMS series and the SCADA line there's a model for your application.

Absolute Automation is an authorized Sensaphone distributor for Canada, and Canadian Sensaphone Repair Depot.

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Sensaphone 400 Alarm Sensaphone 400 4 Zone Alarm Dialer

Sensaphone 400 Alarm Dialer, 4 Inputs

Price: CAD $519.00
Sensaphone 800 Sensaphone FGD-800 Alarm Dialer

Sensaphone 800 Alarm Monitor and Dialer, 4 Inputs

Price: CAD $769.00
Sensaphone FGD1400 FGD1400 - Sensaphone 1400 Monitor and Alarm, 4 Zone, Telephone Dialer

Sensaphone 1400 Monitoring System

Price: CAD $1,049.00
Sensaphone FGD1800 FGD1800 - Sensaphone 1800

Sensaphone 1800 Monitoring System

Price: CAD $1,379.00
Sensaphone WEB 600 Sensaphone WEB 600

Sensaphone WEB-600

Price: CAD $519.00
Sensaphone WSG-30 Sensaphone WSG-30 Wireless Sensor Gateway

Sensaphone WSG-30

Price: CAD $1,199.00
Sensaphone Spot Water Detector FGD0013 - Spot Water Detector

Sensaphone Spot Water Detector FGD-0013

Price: CAD $113.00
Sensaphone Humidity Transmitter FGD0052 - Humidity Transmitter

Sensaphone Humidity Transmitter FGD-0052

Price: CAD $214.99
Sensaphone 10K Immersion Temperature Sensor FGD0105 - 10K Immersion Temperature Sensor

Sensaphone FGD-0105 10K Immersion Temperature Sensor

Price: CAD $84.00
Sensaphone FGD6700 FGD6700 - Sensaphone Express II

Sensaphone FGD-6700 Express II

Price: CAD $2,529.00
Sensaphone IMS-4000 Sensaphone IMS-4000 Host Unit

Sensaphone IMS-4000

Price: CAD $2,799.00
Sensaphone Battery Backup W610 - WEB-600 Battery Backup

WEB-600 Battery Backup

Price: CAD $91.00
Sensaphone SCADA 3000 Sensaphone SCADA 3000

SCADA 3000

Price: CAD $3,396.99
Sensaphone SAT4D Sensaphone SAT4D

Sensaphone SAT4D

Price: CAD $2,010.99
Sensaphone Sentinel SCD-1200 Sensaphone SCD-1200 Sentinel

Sensaphone Sentinel

Price: CAD $799.00
Sensaphone IMS-1002 Sensaphone IMS-1000

Sensaphone IMS-1002

Price: CAD $1,499.00
Ultra Cold Temperature Sensor FGD-0240 Extreme Hi/Low Temperature Sensor

Extreme Hi/Low Temperature Sensor

Price: CAD $399.00
Water Pressure Sensor PSF103 - Pressure Monitor and Switch

Water Pressure Sensor

Price: CAD $39.00
Sensaphone Sentinel SCD-1200-CD in NEMA4X Enclosure Sensaphone SCD-1200 Sentinel in NEMA4X Enclosure

Sensaphone Sentinel SCD1200CD

Price: CAD $999.00
Sensaphone Sentinel SCD-1200-4GRWCD Sensaphone Sentinel 1200 with Rogers 4G Cellular

Sensaphone Sentinel SCD1200-4GRWCD

Price: CAD $2,149.00
Sensaphone SE-SCD-PRO Sentinel Pro Sensaphone SE-SCD-PRO Sentinel Pro

The Sensaphone SE-SCD-PRO Sentinel Pro monitors, delivers arms and datalogs inputs/outputs points from third-party Modbus sensors, transducers and programmable logic controllers.

Price: CAD $1,629.00
Sensaphone Sentinel Pro with Clear Case Sensaphone SE-SCD-PRO-CD Sentinel Pro

The Sensaphone Sentinel Pro SE-SCD-PRO-CD is a web based alarm solution from Sensaphone. Available online at Absolute Automation.

Price: CAD $1,899.00
Sensaphone SCD-PRO-4GRWCD Sentinel PRO Monitoring System with Cellular Modem Sensaphone SCD-PRO-4GRWCD Sentinel PRO Monitoring System with Cellular Modem

This Sentinel PRO Monitoring System with Cellular Modem comes with a clear door
enclosure and uses the Rogers cellular service.

Price: CAD $2,629.00
Sensaphone FGD0107TEFNIST Temperature Sensor Sensaphone FGD0107TEFNIST Temperature Sensor

The Sensaphone FGD0107TEFNIST is a hardwired 2.8K temperature sensor for monitoring temperatures that consistently fall below -20°C.

Price: CAD $299.00
FGDD30001 Heavy Duty Low Pressure Switch FGDD30001 Heavy Duty Low Pressure Switch

The FGDD30001 is a heavy-duty low-pressure switch that’s designed for the pneumatics industry.

Price: CAD $139.00
Sensaphone FGD-0075-50 Split Core Current Sensor Sensaphone FGD-0075-50 Split Core Current Sensor

The FGD-0075-50 is a 50 amp split core current sensor from Sensaphone that’s used for monitoring the current flowing to electrical equipment or buildings.

Price: CAD $179.99
Sensaphone FGD0052-OD Humidity Sensor Sensaphone FGD0052-OD Humidity Sensor

The FGD0052-OD is a space mount, low profile outdoor humidity sensor which transmits humidity levels to a Sensaphone for programmable high and low alarm limits.

Price: CAD $250.99
Sensaphone FGD0250U Ethernet to WiFi Adapter Sensaphone FGD0250U Ethernet to WiFi Adapter

FGD0250U Sensaphone Ethernet to WiFi Adapter

The FGD0250U Ethernet-to-WiFi Adapter is compatible with all wired network based Sensaphone models. The adapter provides WiFi access in an area where a hardwired Ethernet connection may not be possible. The FGD0250U offers a practical solution to running long stretches communication cable. The included IP65-rated weatherproof case offers protection from outdoor elements and in climates of extreme cold, heat, or moisture.

The WIFI adapter It is connected to the Sensaphone unit via an Ethernet cable (not included).


  • Connect any network based Sensaphone to WiFi
  • Weatherproof housing allows unit to be mounted outdoors
  • Pole and wall mounting hardware included
  • User programmable to WiFi network via downloadable software
  • The distance between the adapter and router is determined by the strength of the WiFi network
  • Using an additional adapter can be used to strengthen the WiFi signal

Price: CAD $179.99
Absolute Automation is a Canadian authorized distributor of ALL Sensaphone products and a repair depot for all Sensaphones, located near Toronto, Ontario. Use a Sensaphone to monitor your home, cottage, barn, server room and more! Call to speak to our Sensaphone expert today!