Sensaphone Telephone Dialers

Sensaphone Telephone Dialers

Sensaphone telephone alarm dialers monitor for power failures, low temperature and freezing, dry contact closures or any number of environmental sensors.  When a problem occurs, the voice dialer will call one or more key staff members, owners or property managers.

Telephone alarm dialer systems allow for remote monitoring and alerts where an Internet connection isn't practical or possible  They're also often used in conjunction with alarm and automation systems to provide a means to notify owners and operators of problems without using professional or paid monitoring.

Sensaphone telephone monitoring systems are used for greenhouse operations, barn monitoring, livestock monitoring, residential and commercial monitoring systems.  They can be used on their own or used with automation systems like Priva to provide an extension to the system.

Available sensors include, but are not limited to power failure, temperature, freeze, humidity, water leaks, vibration, pressure, air quality, soil moisture, PH levels and security.

We are an authorized Sensaphone distributor with wholesale dealer programs and volume pricing available.  If you are a reseller or installer please reach out to our customer service team and ask about our distributor, reseller and integrator program for Sensaphone in Canada.