Sensaphone WSG Wireless Zone Water Sensor

Sensaphone WSG Wireless Zone Water Sensor

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    The WSG Zone Water Sensor is a wireless alarm unit designed for use with the Sensaphone WSG 30. The sensor comes with 10 feet of water sensing rope. Up to 9 additional 10 foot lengths of water sensing rope (FGD-0063) can be added to the unit for an incredible 100 feet of total water rope. The unit also comes complete with three AA batteries which will power the sensor for approximately two years*.

    *AC Adapter Available in which case the batteries become a backup power source!

    • (1) Sensaphone WSG Wireless Zone Water Sensor
    • (3) AA Batteries
    • 10' of Water Rope
    • (5) Adhesive Table Clamps
    • (1) Mounting Kit

    WSG Zone Water Sensor Cut Sheet WSG-30 Water Sensor

    • Operating Temperature Range: 32° to 122°F (0° to 50°C)
    • Operating Humidity Range: 0-95%
    • Range: Up to 300′ (90m)
    • Power Requirements: (3) AA Batteries
    • Wireless Technology: ISM 2.4GHz, 100 mW (20dBm)
    • Housing: White plastic
    • Size: 6.8″ x 3.5″ x 1.5″ (17.2cm x 8.9cm x 3.8cm)
    • Compatibility: WSG30

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