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Door Switch Door Switch - Relay Closed when Door Closed

Normally Closed Door Switch

Price: CAD $3.99
SecoLarm Normally Open Door Switch SL-SM300QW SecoLarm Normally Open Door Switch SL-SM300QW

The SecoLarm SL-SM300QW is a normal open door switch.

Price: CAD $5.99
Elk RJ Set ELK Telco Jack and Cord


Price: CAD $6.99
Sensaphone Door Switch Door Switch

Sensaphone Door Switch FGD-0006

Price: CAD $13.00
Optex CA1W CA1W - Optex Mounting Bracket

Optex CA1W Mounting Bracket

Price: CAD $14.99
Elk 73 Speaker ELK-73 Compact Echo Speaker

Elk 73 Speaker

Price: CAD $19.99
Elk Power Supply ELK TRG1640 16.5 VAC Power Supply

Elk Power Supply

Price: CAD $22.00
SCADA Replacement Fuses SCADA 3000 Spare Fuse Kit FGD3220

SCADA Replacement Fuses

Price: CAD $23.00
Elk 952 Surge Protector ELK-952 Telephone Line Surge Protector

Elk 952 Surge Protector

Price: CAD $23.99
Sensaphone Wire Sensaphone Connection Wire

Sensaphone Wire

Price: CAD $24.99
Plug in 16VAC 40VA Transformer Plug in Power Supply 16VAC 40VA

Plug in 16VAC 40VA power supply transformer. Canadian approved.

List Price: CAD $34.99
Price: CAD $24.99
Savings: CAD $10.00
TG.09.0113 SMA Cellular Antenna Monopole SMA Pentaband Antenna

TG.09.0113 SMA Cellular Antenna

List Price: CAD $29.99
Price: CAD $24.99
Savings: CAD $5.00
Seco Larm Relay Timer Relay Timer

Relay Timer

Price: CAD $26.99
Alarm Relay Module Versatile Relay Module

Alarm Relay

Price: CAD $27.00
Seco Larm Power Supply 12VDC Adapter for Seco Larm Voice Dialer

12VDC Power Supply

Price: CAD $28.00
Alarm Strobe Light Strobe Light

Strobe Light

Price: CAD $29.99
Winland Power Supply for Enviro Alerts Enviro Alert Power Supply

Enviro Alert Power Supply

Price: CAD $33.00