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SpotProtect Cloud WiFi Sensors are WiFi cloud based sensors that work with your home or business router, no gateway required. The sensors report their readings back to the Spot Protect cloud which can send email or text alerts for abnormal conditions.  The cloud account also logs readings for review.  The basic cloud service is free with a flat rate annual fee for advanced features including multiple recipients.  Learn more at
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SPOTCABLE - Required USB Cable for SpotProtect WiFi Sensors SpotProtect 1 Year Premiere Subscription FLOODSPOT - WiFi Water Sensor
Price: CAD $21.00
Price: CAD $99.99
Price: CAD $279.00
Spot Protect USB Cable spotprotect-1yr-subscription WiFi Water Alarm
Spot Protect USB Cable SpotProtect 1 year subscription WiFi Water Leak Sensor
SWITCHSPOT - WiFi Dry Contact Sensor TEMPSPOT - WiFi Temperature Sensor SUMPSPOT - WiFi Sump Pump Alarm
Price: CAD $279.00
Price: CAD $279.00
Price: CAD $326.00
Switch Spot WiFi Alarm WiFi Temperature Sensor Alarm System for Sump Pump
Switch Spot WiFi Alarm WiFi Temperature Sensor WiFi Sump Pump Alarm
SMOKESPOT - WiFiSmoke Alarm CARSPOT - Driveway Alarm with Text Messaging
Price: CAD $349.00
Price: CAD $466.00
WiFi Smoke Detector Driveway Alarm with Text Messages
WiFi Smoke Detector Text Messaging Driveway Alarm

SpotProtect WiFi Alarm Sensors

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