Temperature Monitoring

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Temperature Monitoring & Alarms

Temperature monitoring for homes, cottages, businesses, farms, greenhouses, medical facilities and cold storage.   Monitor fridges, freezers, storage locations, computer and server rooms and more.

Protect your home, cottage or remote property with a freeze alarm or temperature alert system that can contact you immediately in case of a problem. Don't let disaster strike!

Freeze alarms are useful in a variety of applications. From simple, cost effective units which are preset and will notify home and cottage owners when temperatures drop near freezing, typically below 7C (45F). To more sophisticated units capable of monitoring for both high and low custom temperature alarm levels, water leaks and power outages there's a freeze or temperature alarm to suit your needs.

These systems are very popular for second homes or cottages and also for snowbirds or home owners who often leave their residences unoccupied for extended periods of time. The alert notifications can be made via email, text message or voice phone call and the systems can use land lines, cellular networks or even WiFi to operate.

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