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WaterCop Twin Probe Leak Sensor WaterCop Twin Probe Leak Sensor

WaterCop WC-WCDFS2 Twin Probe Leak Sensor

Price: CAD $104.25
WC-WCDFS1 WaterCop Leak Sensor WC-WCDFS1 WaterCop Leak Sensor

WaterCop Single Probe Moisture Sensor

Price: CAD $89.75
Leakstop WCLLSFA3/4 water shut off with sensors Watercop Leakstop Plus with 2 Wired Sensors, Alarm Output, 3/4 Inch

Water leaks happen when they're least expected and they cause devastating damage in minutes.

Protect your home or business from water leaks with the Leakstop Plus automatic water shut off valve. When either of the wired water sensors detects water, the valve will automatically shut off and sound an internal alarm to alert you of a problem.

In addition, the Leakstop Plus has a built in relay output allowing it to be connected to an alarm dialer, alarm system, automation system or any other alert system.

Price: CAD $379.99
WaterCop Actuator for Valve WaterCop Classic Actuator Valve

WaterCop Actuator / Valve

Price: CAD $449.99
Water Cop Sergeant Kit WCKB - WaterCop Sergeant Kit

WaterCop Sergeant Kit

Price: CAD $785.00
Water Cop Corporal Kit WCRS - WaterCop Corporal Kit

WaterCop Corporal Kit

Price: CAD $558.00
Water Cop Valve WC - WaterCop Valve with Actuator

WaterCop Valve

Price: CAD $509.00
WaterCop Pro Leak Shutoff WaterCop Pro Actuator and Control Panel

WaterCop Pro Control Panel and Actuator

Price: CAD $639.99
ELK WSV2 Shutoff Valve ELK WSV2 Shut Off Valve

ELK WSV2 Shutoff Valve

Price: CAD $642.99
Water Cop Detective Kit WCKS - WaterCop Detective Kit

WaterCop Detective Kit

Price: CAD $794.00
Water Cop Lieutenant Kit WCKD - WaterCop Lieutenant Kit

WaterCop Lieutenant Kit

Price: CAD $834.00
Water Cop Captain Kit WCKSD - WaterCop Captain Kit

WaterCop Captain Kit

Price: CAD $932.00
Water Cop Chief Kit WCKP - WaterCop Chief Kit

WaterCop Chief Kit

Price: CAD $1,120.00
These systems from WaterCop feature automatic water shut off valves that connect at the main water supply line for your home or business.  Multiple water sensors can be placed anywhere water could potentially leak, and they will signal the main water shut off valve automatically as soon as a leak is detected.  Start with a main actuator and valve, and add as many wireless sensors as needed.  Or choose from one of our starter kits.