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The WaterCop Water Alarm is a wireless leak and flood detection system complete with automatic water shut off valve. Watercop is perfect for monitoring multiple locations within a building or home for water leaks and stopping them before they cause major damage.  The wireless leak sensors will detect water and immediately send a wireless alarm signal to the Water Cop water valve which will quickly close turning off the water to the building and preventing costly damage and destruction.
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WCKP - WaterCop Chief Kit WCKSD - WaterCop Captain Kit WCKD - WaterCop Lieutenant Kit
Price: CAD $1,120.00
Price: CAD $932.00
Price: CAD $834.00
Water Cop Chief Kit Water Cop Captain Kit Water Cop Lieutenant Kit
WaterCop Chief Kit WaterCop Captain Kit WaterCop Lieutenant Kit
WCKS - WaterCop Detective Kit WH200 - WaterCop Twin Probe Leak Sensor WH100 - WaterCop Single Probe Leak Sensor
Price: CAD $794.00
Price: CAD $106.00
Price: CAD $92.00
Water Cop Detective Kit Water Cop Twin Probe Water Sensor Water Cop Single Probe Water Sensor
WaterCop Detective Kit WaterCop Twin Probe Water Sensor WaterCop Single Probe Water Sensor
RS100 - WaterCop Control Switch FH 100 - WaterCop Freeze Sensor WHX1 - WaterCop Repeater
Price: CAD $49.00
Price: CAD $116.00
Price: CAD $209.00
Water Cop Remote Control Switch Water Cop Freeze Sensor Water Cop Repeater
WaterCop Remote Control Switch WaterCop Freeze Sensor WaterCop Repeater
ACA100 - WaterCop Adapter WCCBL - WaterCop Connect Cable WCV - WaterCop "Ready" Brass Valve
Price: CAD $20.00
Price: CAD $28.00
Price: CAD $60.00
Water Cop Power Supply Water Cop Connect Cable Water Cop Ready Valve
WaterCop Power Adapters WaterCop Connect Cable WaterCop Valve
WC - WaterCop Valve with Actuator WCRS - WaterCop Corporal Kit WCKB - WaterCop Sergeant Kit
Price: CAD $509.00
Price: CAD $558.00
Price: CAD $785.00
Water Cop Valve Water Cop Corporal Kit Water Cop Sergeant Kit
WaterCop Valve WaterCop Corporal Kit WaterCop Sergeant Kit

Water Cop Water Flood and Leak Sensors and Shut Off Valves

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