WC-WCDFS1 WaterCop Leak Sensor

WC-WCDFS1 WaterCop Leak Sensor

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    WaterCop WC-WCDFS1 leak sensor is a redesigned replacement for the original single-probe model WH100. It’ll communicate with older WaterCop systems that have matching dip switch codes.

    It consists of two components; the sensor board, transmitter and all other electronics are contained inside a small plastic enclosure including the antenna for transmitting the wireless alarm signals. The second part of the water sensor is the sensor itself, this is a small unit with prongs that is connected to the transmitter box by a 6-foot cord allowing for easy and versatile sensor placement while still mounting the transmitter unit in a convenient location.

    The WaterCop single probe moisture sensor features a robust 418MHz radio transmitter chip set with up to a 200-foot wireless operating range, user adjustable digital security codes, and operate on either two (2) AA batteries or an optional AC power adapter (WCACA). The units also feature a low battery warning chirp to let you know when it is time to change them. The WC-WCDFS1 sensors are equipped with one (1) sensor probes, with a 6-foot sensor cord. When leaking water comes in contact with the sensing probe the transmitter sends a radio signal to the WaterCop Water Shut Off Valve telling it to shut off the main water supply. Each WaterCop Alarm system can support an unlimited number of WaterCop Flood sensors.

    1 - WaterCop Wireless Transmitter
    1 - Water Sensors with 6' of Cable Each

    WaterCop Manual and Installation Guide WaterCop manual

    Wireless Range of up to 200 Feet (line of sight)
    One water sensor with 6' cord
    Can be powered by Two AA Batteries and/or the WCACA adapter (not included)

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