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Sensaphone Battery Backup W610 - WEB-600 Battery Backup

WEB-600 Battery Backup

Price: CAD $91.00
Switch Spot WiFi Alarm SWITCHSPOT - WiFi Dry Contact Sensor

Switch Spot WiFi Alarm

Price: CAD $259.00
Sensaphone WEB 600 Sensaphone WEB 600

Sensaphone WEB-600

Price: CAD $519.00
Sensaphone Sentinel SCD-1200 Sensaphone SCD-1200 Sentinel

Sensaphone Sentinel

Price: CAD $799.00
Sensaphone WSG-30 Sensaphone WSG-30 Wireless Sensor Gateway

Sensaphone WSG-30

Price: CAD $1,199.00
Sensaphone IMS Node Sensaphone IMS-4002 Node

IMS-4002 Node

Price: CAD $1,199.00
Sensaphone IMS-1002 Sensaphone IMS-1000

Sensaphone IMS-1002

Price: CAD $1,499.00
Sensaphone SAT4D Sensaphone SAT4D

Sensaphone SAT4D

Price: CAD $2,010.99
Sensaphone IMS-4000 Sensaphone IMS-4000 Host Unit

Sensaphone IMS-4000

Price: CAD $2,799.00
Sometimes a simple alert is not enought.  These alarm and environmental monitoring systems harness the power of the Internet by offering web interfaces, data logging, alarm and alerts.  Choose from stand alone web enabled data logging and alert systems like the WEB600 or enterprise/data center level IMS1000.  Or consider a cloud based system like the Sensaphone Sentinel with unlimited data logging, users audit trails and alerts with priority levels.   From simple water leak alerts, to complete monitoring of PH and soild moisture levels, heat, humidity, refrigeration units, freezers, medical cold storage units these systems can help meet industry and government mandates and regulations.