XLINKBT Landline to Cellular Adapter

XLINKBT Landline to Cellular Adapter

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    Connect up to THREE Cell Phones to your Regular Phones by Bluetooth

    Adapt any standard Telephone to Cellular

    Ditched the landline at home but wish you could still use regular phones? Many homes today have cut their landline phone service and are using cellular instead. But at home it's more convenient to use your regular home phones or cordless phones.

    XLINKBT solves this problem! XLINKBT uses bluetooth to connect to your cellular phone when you're home. Then you can plug a regular telephone in to the XLINK or plug XLINK in to one of the home's phone jacks to enable phone service throughout the house! Then when you're at home, you can use your regular or cordless phones which are often more comfortable and convenient. Regular phones are also more intuitive for older residents.

    You can pair XLINKBT via bluetooth to one, two or three cell phones and when you or your family members come home, they can place and receive calls on the landline phones just like before! Plug the smart phone(s) in to charge near the XLINK and never worry about a dead battery.

    Or perhaps you need to use a voice dialer, freeze alarm or other device that normally uses a regular phone line. No problem. Get the least expensive or used cell phone you can dig up, and activate it on a basic cell plan. Leave it plugged in near the XLINKBT. Then you can plug your phone device/dialer to the XLINK-BT and you've just converted it to cellular!

    XLinkBT saves money - ditch the land line, connect up to 3 cell phones via Bluetooth to your home phones

    XLinkBT is iPhone Ready! Dial ## on your home phone and you're connected to Siri!

    XLinkBT sends caller ID to your Home Phones!

    XLINKBT resolves issues with indoor dead spots & reduces handset radiation exposure!

    Xlink BT Specifications

    • Supports up to 3 cell phones via Bluetooth
    • Provides dial tone and phone service to standard phone devices
    • Bluetooth: Bluetooth v2.0 Hands–free profile
    • Operating Temperature: 32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C)
    • Indoor use only

    Xlink BT Included

    • (1) Bluetooth Cell Phone Interface
    • (1) Power Supply
    • (1) Operating Instructions
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