The Sensaphone 2000 monitors for power failures as well as up to 8 inputs.  This remote monitoring device will monitor digital or analog inputs.  When power fails or one of the inputs falls out of normal range, the system will report to one or many destinations by telephone using your recorded voice messages, email and more.  It also logs data and makes sensor status available on a web page that's updated via ftp connection.

Unfortunately the Sensaphone 2000 is discontinued.

As an upgrade we recommend the Sensaphone Sentinel.  It monitors for power failure as well as supporting 12 analog/digital inputs.  Sentinel sends sensor data to the (free) cloud service so it can be viewed on a web browser or using the (free) smart phone app.

The system supports multiple users with multiple security levels.  Alarm messages can be sent via email and email to text.  With the very affordable premium cloud plan, alarms can be sent by direct text messages as well as by voice to your telephone(s).

Sentinel is available as a stand alone Ethernet/Internet connected unit, or in an NEMA4X enclosure, or with a built in cellular modem & SIM for situations where a local network isn't available.

Sentinel 1200
Sentinel 1200 in NEMA 4X Enclosure
Sentinel Cellular for Canada

For reference:
Sensaphone 2000 Manual

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to our sales or technical support staff.