The Sensaphone 2000 monitors 8 separate zone inputs and provides data logging and alerts by phone line.  The Sensaphone 2000 has been discontinued and is no longer available.

Sensaphone 2000 Replacement

As a replacement we would recommend either the IMS1002E or the Sentinel 1200 which are current and more advanced models.

The IMS-1002E supports 8 inputs and a variety of sensor types similar to the Sensaphone 2000 however they require specific IMS series sensors using RJ45 type connections.  The IMS-1002E runs locally and logs data internally for reporting.  It can provide alerts by email, email to text or voice.

The Sentinel 1200 supports 12 inputs and a variety of sensor types like the Sensaphone 2000.   It's a web based product so data is logged in the Sentinel cloud service.  Alerts are also sent from the cloud and can include emails, email to text, app alerts, and even text to voice to make phone calls.

Sentinel and IMS are available in a few different configurations.  You can review all of the Sensaphone IMS and Sentinel systems please.

Please take some time to compare your current installation and decide if you would find the Sentinel or IMS system as more appropriate.