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Dakota Alert DCPTRAN4000 Probe Transmitter Box Only
Optex RC-20U Wireless Driveway ChimeOptex RC-20U Wireless Driveway Chime
Dakota Alert RH 25 ' of Rubber Air Hose
Optex TS10U Push Button TransmitterOptex TS10U Push Button Transmitter
Save $26.34
Mier DA-500LKA Relay Box Accessory for DA-500 Models
Optex TR20U Wireless Repeater
Optex TC10U Wireless Door SensorOptex TC10U Wireless Door Sensor
Save $54.53
Mier DA-500 Controller OnlyMier DA-500 Controller Only
Mier Products


Mier DA-500 Controller Only
$294.47 $349
STI Solar Powered Driveway SensorSTI Solar Powered Driveway Sensor
STI Wireless Repeater

SKU: STI34109

STI Wireless Repeater
Rodann RX2000A  Driveway Alarm ChimeRodann RX2000A  Driveway Alarm Chime
Save $77.17
Mier DA-100CP Control Panel Receiver and Chime
Save $56.34
Mier DA-073 Wireless Wall Outlet
STI Chime ReceiverSTI Chime Receiver

SKU: STI34104

STI Chime Receiver
Save $36.63
Mier DA-072 Wireless Lamp ModuleMier DA-072 Wireless Lamp Module
STI Battery Powered Driveway SensorSTI Battery Powered Driveway Sensor
Save $52.22
Mier DA-071 Wireless Light Switch
STI-V34104 Wireless Receiver with Voice
Sure Action P8500 Directional Driveway Probe
Save $41.61
Mier DA-606LK2 Wireless Light Kit

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