Sensaphone IMS Remote Monitoring Solutions

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Sensaphone IMS-1000Sensaphone IMS-1000


Sensaphone IMS-1000
Sensaphone IMS-4000 Host UnitSensaphone IMS-4000 Host Unit
Sensaphone IMS-4002 NodeSensaphone IMS-4002 Node

SKU: IMS4002

Sensaphone IMS-4002 Node
Sensaphone IMS Door/Window Magnetic Reed Switch
Sensaphone IMS-4814 Ultra Low Temperature Sensor (-85C)
Sensaphone IMS-4200 Wireless Receiver for IMS-4000
Sensaphone IMS Water Alarm
IMS4812 - IMS Spot Temperature Sensor
Sensaphone IMS4821 Humidity Sensor Alarm
Dry Contact Adapter

SKU: IMS4850

Dry Contact Adapter
Indoor Infrared Motion Sensor Alarm
Sensaphone IMS4813 Solution Indoor Temperature Sensors
Sensaphone IMS-4310 Dual Output Relay Module
Sensaphone IMS-14424 IMS Axis IP CameraSensaphone IMS-14424 IMS Axis IP Camera
Sensaphone IMS4851 4-20mA Bridge for IMS
IMS4812 - IMS Spot Temperature Sensor
Sensaphone Current sensor max  15 Amp
Sensaphone Current sensor max 20 amps
Sensaphone IMS Smoke Detector
Sensaphone IMS Temperature Sensor with External Probe
Sensaphone IMS-4000 Node w/Dry Contact Inputs

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