Sensaphone Sensors and Modules

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XFR0037 Sensaphone Power Supply 12VDC
FGD-0075-50Sensaphone FGD-0075-50 Split Core Current Sensor
Aube TH141 Dual Heat Cool Thermostat
Sensaphone FGD0250U Ethernet to WiFi AdapterSensaphone FGD0250U Ethernet to WiFi Adapter
Sensaphone FGD0027 Humidistat
Sensaphone FGD0067 Surge Suppressor
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Sensaphone FGD0007 PIR Motion SensorSensaphone FGD0007 PIR Motion Sensor
Sensaphone FGD0103 Indoor Temperature Sensor
Sensaphone FGD0104 Outdoor Air Temperature Sensor
Heavy Duty Low Pressure Switch
Sensaphone FGD0052 4-20mA Humidity Transmitter

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