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Sensaphone SCADA 3000 5Ah Battery Backup
Sensaphone IMS Temperature Sensor
Sensaphone FGD0104 Outdoor Air Temperature Sensor
Sensaphone FGD0101 Weatherproof Temperature Probes
Sensaphone SCADA 3000 Spare Fuse Kit FGD3220
Sensaphone FGDWSG30 Wireless Temperature Sensor
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Sensaphone FGD0070 24V Power Supply for 4-20mA Sensor
Sensaphone FGD0103 Indoor Temperature Sensor
Dry Contact Adapter


Dry Contact Adapter
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Sensaphone FGD0007 PIR Motion SensorSensaphone FGD0007 PIR Motion Sensor
Sensaphone SAT4D One Year of Communication Service
Sensaphone FGD0101NIST NIST Certified Temperature Probe
Sensaphone SE-IMS4821 IMS Humidity Sensor Alarm
Sensaphone FGD0067 Surge Suppressor
Sensaphone FGD0027 Humidistat
IMS4812 - IMS Spot Temperature Sensor
Sensaphone FGD0100 Room Temperature SensorSensaphone FGD0100 Room Temperature Sensor
Sensaphone WSG Wireless Spot Water Sensor
Sensaphone IMS-4863 Air Flow Sensor
Sensaphone SCADA 18 Ah Battery Backup
Sensaphone IMS-4200 Wireless Receiver for IMS-4000

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