Sensaphone SCD12004GRWCD Sentinel 1200 with Rogers 4G Cellular

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Sensaphone Sentinel Cellular SCD-1200-4GRWCD

The Sensaphone Sentinel 1200 is a cellular connected, cloud based alarm and monitoring system with free web service, iOs and Android apps.   It monitors for power failures, logs input and sensor data and offers alerts via email, text and phone depending on the service chosen.

Sentinel is used for monitoring medical and food cold storage, vaccine temperature monitoring, computer and data center monitoring, greenhouse and livestock monitoring, hvac monitoring and more.

This model has a built in cellular modem for Canada, with SIM card included, allowing it to connect using cellular communication instead of your network or Internet.  It's ideal for locations without Internet service or where connection to the network is not allowed.   Sentinel Cellular is housed in a NEMA4X lockable enclosure, making it suitable for dusty, damp or other harsh environments or those requiring additional security.

Sentinel can be used for real time monitoring of all kinds of environmental conditions including temperature, humidity, water leak, water level, power, soil moisture, PH levels, vibration, pressure, contact closures and the like.

Use the web or free iOS apps to see sensor status or control the on board relay output.


The Sentinel features 12 distinct inputs supporting contact closures, 2.8K and 10K sensors and 4-20mA sensors.   


Sentinel has a built in relay that can be used to connect a siren or strobe or control external devices or equipment.  The relay can be triggered by a tripped zone or remotely through the app.


Sentinel communicates with the Sensaphone cloud to store sensor values, provide reporting, and send alerts.  Multiple users can bet set up with their own login.  Multiple Sentinel units can be managed through the cloud service.

Sentinel cellular requires a the Sensaphone cellular paid subscription.  The PREMIUM service includes cellular communication and provides unlimited storage, text messaging, telephone alerts and auditing.


The Sentinel has a built in battery backup to keep it running in case of a power failure for up to 8 hours. Power failures are logged and the system will send an alert. It's a supervised system meaning if it loses it's connection to the servers (internet goes down for example) an alarm message will be sent out right away.

Note: This unit requires a cellular subscription found here or from Sensaphone.

Sensaphone Sentinel SCD-1200-4GRWCD Features:

  • Built in cellular modem and SIM included
  • Supervised
  • Number of Inputs: 12
  • Input Types: Contact closure, 2.8K, 10K, 4-20mA
  • Temperature Sensing Range: -109° to 168°F | -85° to 76°C
  • Output Relay; can be manually switched or programmed to switch on alarm
  • Remote Access: Web site to access status and programming
  • Free iOS and Android apps
  • Local Notifiers: LED's for Alarm Status, Power Status, and Ethernet link
  • Power Supply: Comes with plug in power supply which also monitors for power failures.
  • Battery Backup: 8 Hours
  • Dimensions with enclosure: 9.5 x 11.1 x 3.5” | 241 x 282 x 89 mm)


Sensaphone Sentinel SCD1200-4GRWCD Includes:

  • Sentinel 12 Zone Alarm Panel
  • Cellular modem with SIM
  • Power supply
  • Rechargeable backup battery

    Sentinel Specificaton Sheet

    Sentinel Brochure




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