Winland EA800-IP EnviroAlert On Premise and Cloud Sensor Monitor with Alarm

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Winland EnviroAlert EA800-IP

The Winland EnviroAlert EA800-IP lets you monitor, collect, view and create alarms from up to twelve sensors: 8 wireless, 4 hardwired.  It works with Winland temperature, humidity and water sensors as well as dry contact and 4-20mA sensors (sold separately).

The EA800-IP functions as an on-premise monitoring console that will display the current condition of all of the connected wired/wireless sensors.  It will also log sensor data, display sensor alarm conditions and provide a history of alarms.

Each sensor can have a high limit or low limit defined, outside of which an alarm event is triggered.  On alarm the built in piezo can sound, and on board relays can be triggered. 

There are 8 output relays that can be assigned to trigger based on which input zones go in to alarm.  These relays can be tied in to an alarm or automation system.

Using the optional Insight cloud service, users can login to an online portal to check on and adjust settings.  Insight allows alarm notifications to be sent using text or email.   Insight access requires a paid subscription.

The EnviroAlert requires 12VDC power but does not include a power supply as many installations are using an alarm panel or other external source.  If you need the power supply you can add WN-12VDCT.

Windland EnviroAlert EA800-IP Specifications

  • Works with Winland temperature, humidity, water, gases, pressure and dry contact sensors
  • Supports 4-20mA and contact closure sensing
  • Local sensor and alarm display
  • Built in 88 dbA piezo alarm buzzer
  • Supports up to 12 sensors (8 wireless, 4 wired)
  • Data collection frequency from 30 seconds to 120 minutes
  • On board data collection storage up to 10,000 data points
  • 8 zone-specific relays plus 1 auxiliary relay
  • Seamless integration with alarm or automation systems
  • Relays rated up to 30VDC @ 1A resistive
  • Transmission distance from 45FT to 100FT indoors (results may vary)
  • Can be mounted on a standard 3-gang box or surface mounted
  • Ethernet port for Insight connection
  • Requires 11 to 26VDC @ 500mA (not included)
  • Dimensions: 8.13" x 5.52" x 1.93"


  • TEMP-H-S High temp range sensor 32° to 299° F (0 to 150° C)
  • TEMP-H-W High temp range waterproof sensor 32° to 221° F (0 to 105° C)
  • TEMP-L-S Low temp range sensor -58° to 158° F (-50 to 70° C)
  • TEMP-L-W Low temp range waterproof sensor -58° to 158° F (-50 to 70° C)
  • TEMP-UL-S Ultra low temp range sensor -148° to 32° F (-100 to 0° C)
  • W-S-S Surface water sensor
  • W-UC-S Under carpet water sensor
  • HA-III+ Humidity sensor 5% to 95% RH


    • EA-WTS temperature sensor
    • EA-WHS humidity sensor
    • EA-WMFS multi-function sensor


    EA800-IP Spec Sheet

    EA800-IP Manual

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