WaterCop Pro Wireless Water Leak and Freezing Pipes Sensor




The WaterCop Pro wireless leak sensor with built in pipe freeze protection is perfect for monitoring for water leaks, and preventing extensive damage in the event of frozen pipes. If the attached water sensor detects a leak or flood it will instantly send a wireless signal telling the WaterCop Pro to shut the valve, stopping the leak and lowering the water pressure. If the attached pipe temperature sensor detects the pipe temperature dropping to a dangerously low level (indicating an imminent 'frozen pipe' situation) the same alert signal is sent, again reducing pressure in the water lines and potentially preventing the pipes from bursting if they do in fact freeze.

  • 1 - WaterCop Pro Transmitter
  • 1 - Water leak sensor with 10 foot cord
  • 1 - Pipe Temperature Sensor with 10 foot cord

  • For use with the WaterCop Pro control panel only
  • Pipe temperature sensor with 10' cordr
  • Water leak sensor with 10' cord
  • Power Supply: 2 AA batteries (not included) or AC Adaptor (optional)
  • 150' - 200' wireless range depending on building layout, construction material
  • Up to 45 wireless sensors can be used with one actuator
  • Wireless transmitter is addressable

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