BullDog EVC200 ZWave Water Shut Off Valve

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Econet EVC200-HC2LXL BullDog Valve Robot Z-Wave and Dry Contact Activated Shut Off for Ball Valves

The BullDog ZWave Valve Robot turns your standard valve into a Smart Valve with no plumbing required.  It attaches to your existing standard quarter turn ball valve with handle.   Combined with a Zwave smart hub and water sensors, or controlled using the built-in dry contact input, the Bulldog can automatically turn off the water supply in case of a leak.  The BullDog ZWave water valve will help protect your home, cottage or rental property from costly water leaks that would otherwise be left unattended. 

The BullDog has a much higher torque motor than most other ZWave water valves, to make sure it can open and close reliably.

Use BullDog ZWave with a compatible smart home hub or alarm system and you'll get automatic shut-off based on ZWave water sensors (sold separately) or schedules set through your hub.  Plus you'll be able to remotely turn the water supply on or off using your hub app.

BullDog EVC200 ZWave mounts on a standard 1/4 turn ball valve sized from 1/2" to 1 .25 inches.   The water valve is not included and must already be installed.

The BullDog Smart Robot ZWave valve controller works with Zwave enabled smart hubs like SmartThings, Vera, Ezlo, Homeseer, Alarm.com, Hubitat, Control4, Universal Devices and many other ZWave enabled systems.

BullDog can also be activated by a dry contact closure (relay connection) to open and close the valve from other wired alarm systems, automation and leak detection systems.

Be sure to follow leak detection and prevention best practices including regular testing and battery replacement.


BullDog ZWave Smart Valve Robot Features:

  • Converts standard 1/4 turn ball valve in to a smart valve
  • ZWave Plus, compatible with a huge list of ZWave enabled systems
  • Dry Contact Closure input allows it to be opened and closed by other systems like an alarm panel
  • High Torque for reliability when you need it
  • Mounting bracket designed not to stress pipe joints
  • Works with SmartThings, Vera, Homeseer, Hometroller, Fibaro, Alarm.com, Control4, Universal Devices and more
  • Supports 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1.25", 1/4 turn valves
  • Requires smart home Zwave controller or dry contact closure activation. Does not include any water sensors.
  • Includes 12VDC plug-in power adapter

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