Floodstop V4 for Appliances with Dual 3/8" Lines

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Flood-Stop 3/8-CD V4 for Sink/Basin applications or any other application where there both hot and cold 3/8" lines to shut off. This model comes with two valves (one for the hot water line and another for the cold water line). This model utilizes the same valve type that is used in the FS 3/8-C unit for the Dish-Washer. The CD refers to œCompression� threads and œDual� valves. The FS 3/8-CD kit provides a low cost alternative for those who want to prevent water damage from sinks and their supply lines.

Sink related leaks are often small and go unnoticed until significant damage is finally discovered. Such a leak will continue to collect under the sink and then seep between the flooring and sub-flooring. The damage often goes undetected until the floor is visually damp or the smell of mildew is present or a mold issue is discovered, at which time the damage and cost to replace is extensive.

2 x 3/8" Shutoff Valves

1 x Control Unit

1 x Leak Sensor

1 x Power Supply

Floodstop 38CD Manual 38CD Manual

(1) Normally Open Alarm Output

Power Supply: Included AC Adapter and Optional 4 AA Batteries for Backup

Solenoid 3/4" Compression Valves

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