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The ALTA Wireless Local Alert provides three ways to notify people about critical changes and sensor readings from your Monnit IoT network. The Local Alert flashes a red LED, sounds an audible alarm, and displays the important message upon receiving a notification. The Local Alert can also display sensor readings from any sensor on the same account.

Principle of Operation

Simply add the Local Alert to a network in your iMonnit account, and it will automatically be the list of devices that receive messages from a sensor via a gateway. When setting up notifications to the Local Alert, you can choose what the device should do when it receives a message. Set up a notification to flash the red LED, sound an audible alarm, display text on the LCD screen, or any combination of these alerting features.

You can scroll through stored messages with a quick button press. By pressing the button and holding it for two seconds, you delete the displayed message from the Local Alert and acknowledge it in iMonnit. Clear all messages by pressing and holding the button for five seconds. Sensor readings can also be displayed on the Local Alert but will not activate an alarm. Sensor readings can be associated with the Local Alert using the Data tab under the Local Alert settings in iMonnit.

ALTA MNO2-9-AV-LA Wireless Local Alert Features

  • Provides audible and visual alerts when it receives sensor notifications.
  • Three alarm types: Flashing red LED, tones, and custom LCD message.
  • Alarm settings are configurable in iMonnit.
  • Sounds like a unique alarm tone sequence when it receives multiple notifications.
  • The LCD shows the device name, custom message or sensor reading, and the notification time.
  • Stores up to 10 messages.
  • Reports the number of notifications and sensor readings to iMonnit.
  • Configurable alarm and snooze intervals.
  • Configurable Heartbeat and Poll Rate (how often the Local Alert checks the gateway for notifications)
  • Instantly receives notifications from the gateway when using line power and in a sleep state.
  • Displays the status bar while using line power.
  • Power-saving features are automatically enabled to extend battery life when using its four AA batteries.
  • On/Off power switch.
  • Screw slots for easy installation on walls.


ALTA MNO2-9-AV-LA Wireless Local Alert Specifications


  • Standard Operating Range: 5 - 8 VDC (can be powered by line power or batteries.)
  • Power Options:
    • 5.5 VDC @ 900 mA power supply (included)
    • 4 x AA sized 1.5 V alkaline batteries (included), Only use alkaline batteries.
  • Current Consumption:
    • 10 uA (sleep mode)
    • 20 mA (radio RX mode)
    • 37 mA (radio TX mode)
    • 20 mA (buzzer)
    • 520 uA (LCD)
    • 30 mA (LCD backlight)


  • Radio Frequencies: Available: 940, 900, 868, and 433 MHz
  • Antenna: Connector: RP SMA Female | Gain: 3.0 dBi
  • Wireless Range: 1200 ft. non-line-of-sight
  • Wireless Communication: Messages are sent from iMonnit software through a gateway (no direct sensor-to-device communication is supported)* (*Requires an ALTA Wireless Gateway for operation.)
  • Message Storage / Memory: 10 messages (notifications or sensor readings)


  • Display: LCD (8 lines of text) | 128 x 32 pixels | 71.55 mm (diagonal)
    • Transflective (visible in sunlight without back light)
  • LED: One Ultra Bright Red LED (1630 mcd, 110° x 45° Viewing Angle)
  • Buzzer: 85 dB @ 30 cm, 2.5 KHz +/- 500 Hz
  • Enclosure: ABS plastic
  • Dimensions: 4.0 x 4.0 x 1.6 in. (101.6 x 101.6 x 40.64 mm) Excluding antenna
  • Weight: 11.2 ounces (with batteries installed)


  • Operating Temperature: -18° to +55° C (0° to +130° F) * At temperatures above 100° C, it is possible for the board circuitry to lose programmed memory.
  • Storage Temperature: -20° to +70° C (-4° to +158° F)
  • Certifications: 900 MHz product; FCC ID: ZTL-G2SC1 and IC: 9794A-G2SC1. 868 and 433 MHz product tested and found to comply with: EN 300 220-1/2 V3.1.1 (2017-02), EN 301 489-3 V2.1.1 (2017-03), and EN 62368-1.


This product is designed for application in an ordinary environment with normal room temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure. Do not use this device under the following conditions as these factors can deteriorate the product characteristics and cause failures and burnout.

  • Corrosive gas or deoxidizing gas chlorine gas, hydrogen sulfide gas, ammonia gas, sulfuric acid gas, nitric oxide gas, etc.
  • Volatile or flammable gas
  • Dusty conditions
  • Under low or high pressure
  • Wet or excessively humid locations
  • Places with salt water, oils, chemical liquids, or organic solvents
  • Where there are excessively strong vibrations
  • Other places where similar hazardous conditions exist.

Use this product within the specified temperature range. Higher temperatures may cause deterioration of the characteristics of the material quality of this product.

Interpreting Sensor Data

User Interface:

  • xx Notifications, xx Sensor Readings:
  • Raw Data: (data type, conversion, units)
  • Notifications: unsigned char, no conversion, NA
  • Sensor Readings: unsigned char, no conversion, NA

Raw Data (Exported .csv Representation)

  • Notifications | Sensor Readings


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