Optex BX80N Perimeter PIR Motion Sensor

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Optex BX80N Horizontal Perimeter PIR Motion Sensor

The Optex BX-80N motion detector starts your security before burglars get inside. This attractive and low profile outdoor PIR creates a multi-layered, horizontal barrier that detects intruders and sounds the alarm. One BX-80N can protect up to 80ft. (40ft in each direction) because it is installed in the center of the detection area and protects on both sides.

With two PIR's on either side , the Optex BX80N provides extra high immunity against false alarms cause by small animals, birds and other outdoor disturbances. A selectable piezo buzzer can alert intruders and also serves as a convenient walk test indicator.

Optex BX80N Features:

  • Unique Dual-Side Detection Area of the BX-80N can protect both sides of windows when placed between them. 24m (80 ft.) long range detection.
  • Common causes of false alarms such as RFI and unwanted sunlight can be greatly reduced by patented Double Conductive Shielding.
  • Slim and stylish, the BX-80N will blend into any architecture.
  • Double Conductive Shielding
  • Easy Installation
  • Audible Alarm Function

Optex BX80N Includes:

1 x Optex BX-80N

Optex BX80N Specifications:

  • Detection Method: PIR
  • Coverage: 80ft. (24m) Narrow (40ft. [12m] on each side)
  • Detection Zones: 4 zones (2 on each side)
  • Mounting Height: 2.7 - 4.0ft. (0.8 - 1.2m)
  • Mounting: Wall
  • Pet Alley Area: (Pet Immunity)
  • Sensitivity Adjustment: H/M/L
  • Power Input: 10-28 VDC
  • Current Consumption: 38mA max
  • Alarm Output: 2 Outs : N.O./ N.C.
  • Tamper Output: N.C.
  • Operating Temperature: -4 - +122 °F (-20 - +50„ƒ)

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