Mier DA-500 Wired Vehicle Sensing Driveway Alarm System

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Probe Wire Length: 10 Foot
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The Mier DA-500 Driveway Alert System uses a vehicle sensing probe that is buried alongside or under your driveway to detect moving vehicles like cars and trucks. The driveway probe only detects moving metal so you will never receive false alerts from animals, people etc.

When the driveway probe detects moving metal it sends a signal up the wire back to the included control box in your home, shop or garage, which sounds an alert so you know a vehicle is approaching.

Since the included magnetic sensing probe detects moving metal objects, it can also be used as a security notification device that will alert you if a tractor, garbage bin or other metal object has moved!

While running a wire from the probe to the control box takes more time and labour than a wireless system, there are no batteries or wireless interference to be concerned with, so you can install it and forget it.

The sensitivity of the probe is adjustable at the control box, as well as the length of time that the whistle alert will sound.

For expansion or integration purposes, the Mier Products DA500 control box has a 24V output or dry contact output you can choose between to activate different alarms, sirens, chimes etc.

Add a DA052V additional whistle or DA655 pleasant chime box for additional notification locations.

Or contact us if you need to create a custom solution with wireless chimes, turning on lights, sounding sirens, integrating in to a security system or automation system.

Use your Mier Products DA-500 to:

Prevent Theft

The sensor can be placed alongside an RV, boat, camper, farm tractor, or any other stationary metal object. Any movement of this object will be sensed by the Drive Alert system, and the whistle will sound in your home.

Monitor your Drive-up or Drive-Thu Window

Perfect for Drive-up windows at banks, pharmacies, fast food outlets, etc. to signal the arrival of your customer

Enhance Safety for Industrial Applications

For busy or blind intersections or other potentially dangerous situations, the Mier Drive Alert can be a key factor in preventing accidents by signalling the movement of traffic through these areas.

*Note Chime and Timer Sold Separately


  • The whistle sound is meant to get your attention. Mier offers a 'Pleasant Chime' accessory, part number DA655 that can be used instead of or in addition to the built in whistle sound. Up to 3 wired DA655 chimes may be used.
  • To add a wireless chime option, part number DA-REPEATER wires to the control box and you can add one or more DA100CP wireless chime receivers up to 1000 feet away (max line of sight).

Mier DA500 Vehicle Probe Driveway Alert Features:

  • Solid-state Master Control Panel
  • Vehicle Probe with different wire lengths available
  • Built in Electronic whistle with on-off switch
  • Red LED power-on indicator
  • Weatherproof sensor
  • Dry Contact / 24V output built in

Chime Tone Mier Whistle
Driveway Alarm Manual Mier Driveway Alarm Manual

Input -- 120 VAC, 50-60Hz, 3.6 Watts
Output -- 24 VDC at 100 Milliamps or: Dry Contact Relay - 24V/1AMP Maximum
Surge protected from transients
Adjustable sensor sensitivity
Adjustable time control for electronic whistle
Operating temperature -- 20 degree F to 160 degree F
Weight -- six (6) pounds
Operating Probe resistance - 900-1100 ohms

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