Monnit ALTA Wireless Advanced Vibration Meter w/ 10 FT Sensor,AA Battery Powered

MonnitSKU: MNS2-9-W2-AC-AV2-L10



The ALTA Wireless Advanced Vibration Meter uses a tri-axis acceleromater and temperature sensor to measure a full suite of vibration data and temperature. 

Monnit MNS2-9-W2-AC-ADV-L10 Features

  • 2000+ foot range
  • 10 year battery life expected (varies based on environment/use/reporting frequency, etc)
  • Best in class AES security encryption

Accelerometer Specifications

  • Battery Supply Voltage: 2.0–3.8 VDC 
  • Can be externally powered by 5-12VDC 2.1mm power supply center positive (not included)





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